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White Helmets “Organ Traders”: State Dept Allocates Another $5 Million


White Helmets, the humanitarian wing of al Qaeda in Syria is to receive an additional five million dollars from the US taxpayers. State Department press liaison for terrorists in Syria, approved allocation of these additional monies, on 14 March.

US commits funds to terrorists al Qaeda White Helmets branch, in Syria. The US State Department has approved the allocation of an additional five million USD to the terrorists of the so-called White Helmets, linked to Jabhat al Nusra, and described as “organ traders” by Syrians in reunified Aleppo.

In June 2018, State Department announced the ‘release’ of $6.6 million in previously frozen money for this armed, humanitarian aid group in Syria. This branch of the US government functions as press liaison for al Qaeda’s humanitarian faction, and reports all of White Helmets’ statistics as fact, no matter how absurd.

“Terrorist Barbie,” 14 June 2018 reported the Helmets “have saved more than 100,000 lives.” This is quite miraculous, as these low-level operatives do not own a stethoscope, do not know spinal precautions, and cannot perform CPR.

Nine months to the date, the White Helmets rescue numbers had increased by 14,000 (“fourteen thousand”), which is an additional average of 1,555.555 persons “saved.”

This humanitarian group works alongside the “Islamic” State jihadists, is embedded with them. The White Helmets carry weapons and the flag of IS during the day, and pretend to be “civil defense” volunteers at night.

White Helmets are armed with everything except trauma care equipment.
Basic requirements of First Responders & all emergency health care. Weird that White Helmets don’t have them?

White Helmets rush to chemical attack sites to set up cameras, before the director screams, “Action!” They have a high sense of telepathy, which tells them where the attacks will happen, before they happen. All of them have genetic immunity to chemical weapons, too.

Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack White Helmets Oscars attacking. Immune to “sarin.”
Make-up & mannequin extremities in the White Helmets FX studio.

They also kidnap Syrian children, professionally make them up to look like they have survived a “chemical attack” or been painted to look like they were dug from the rubble.  Some abducted children turn up as corpses, in White Helmets Productions.

In December, the Permanent Missions of the Russian Federation and Syrian Arab Republic held an “informal seminar” during which massive evidence was given to the UN that the White Helmets “humanitarians” are actually organ traders, terrorists, and looters.

Look at the little girl in this video which looks like White Helmets are kidnapping children. She has been given a professional make-up job.

It was good news time in July 2018, when we saw those White Helmets leaving Syria through Jordan and Israel, to be spread out to the world to gain propaganda support in the media lies against Syria, to promote more war against us.

The White Helmets – Al Qaeda Propaganda Arm – Credit: @SyrianWarNewsInfoMedia

A question for US President is why he decides to give more funds to this terrorist group in Syria, after he said he was going to withdrawal [illegal and illicit] US troops from our country.

Is this new allocation of money to the White Helmets for another “chemical attack” by these terrorists, to be committed in Idlib in order to Save Idlib Terrorists and let them keep committing their crimes against our people?

Afraa Dagher

Editor’s addenda:

The State Department announcement for more money for the death squad White Helmets was made at the 3rd Brussels Conference on
Halliburton and Betchel have waited long enough.

Halliburton and Betchel have been patient enough.

As with most international meetings regarding Syria, Syria was of course excluded, while every country that has armed terrorists, including the White Helmets, attended.

This annual anti-Syria gathering ” is the brainchild of Syria-hater, High Representative Of European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Morgherini, who plotted it in January (her husband, of note, is an official of the anti-Syria Save the Children NGO, whose many officials have impressive relationships with war criminal politicians). “

On this year’s occasion, Morgherini told the media that the Syrian crisis will be “led by the UN.”

Notable terrorist White Helmets photographs include post mortem perversions with murdered Syrian children, torturing a Syrian boy for two photo sessions, abuse of corpses of murdered Syrian soldiers, possible fratricide of their own, for photo ops…among countless other atrocities.

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