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Washington Plans Longer Lasting Attacks Against Syria

Syria Map

Pentagon confirms that talk about “limited” strikes on Syria were just drivel.

The US war machine is ready for more intense and longer lasting attacks on Syria by airstrike and cruise missiles attacks on the targets included in the recently again updated list of the possible targets on Syrian soil, including units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). However, the news that the Pentagon is preparing more intense and longer attacks on Damascus than originally planned comes as no surprise.

It was already logical and limpid that the blather about limited strikes for just some few days were just published in order to let a possible US-led attack on Syria sound better for the Americans and the people of other countries than the talk about a full-scale war against Damascus.

Further, it is certain, that the supporters of such a war on Syria, including the Obama administration, the regime in Tel Aviv, the totalitarian regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as the Erdogan administration in Turkey, are able to launch a military strike against Syria and to conduct a longer lasting attack on the Arab country, but they are not able to control the war or to end it. Any talk about a limited attack on Syria was war propaganda from the beginning in order to prevent any talk about a real long lasting war with many victims on both sides and especially in the Syrian population.

Syria is not Libya and not comparable with Iraq. The Syrian air defence is better and in contrast to the invasions and wars in and on Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, the Syrian army is able to defend themselves against a foreign military attack. However, not for long. But there is still the possibility that some allies of Syria come into play in case that Washington launches its military strikes on Syria and this is also a contrast to the previous US-led wars on Arab countries such as Iraq.

Similar are the justifications and pretexts of such a possible US-led military attack on Syria. Again, fabricated documents, faked tapes and conversations as well as false-flag attacks. Further, the key evidence was again supplied by the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad. The Israeli regime is known for lying so-and-so and a liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth. The evidence is yet again not convincing and certainly staged.

However, although the leaders and ministers of all the countries on the world should remember the lies and fabricated documents in advance of the US-led military invasion in Iraq some years ago, it seems that they either only have a short-term memory or even directly or indirectly support such violent machinations in order to implement the Western agenda in the Middle East.

As reported yesterday, the Pentagon is readying more intense and longer attacks against the Syrian government in Damascus than originally planned. As stated, this comes as no surprise because a longer lasting war on Syria was already the only real outcome that happens in case the administration of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in Washington starts its war on Syria.

Any beginning of airstrikes and cruise missile attacks on Syria will trigger a full-scale war, which will last longer than the alleged “3 days of attacks on Syria.” The only result in terms of the duration of an attack against Syria will be a baseless and senseless war against another Arab country that will last longer than the US-led wars in Iraq and Libya.

Not to mention that such a US-led attack on Damascus, paid with petrodollars from the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as it has been already confirmed by US Secretary of State John Kerry, will only trigger more violence on Syrian soil and increase the suffering of the Syrian people. Not to mention that there is a certain possibility that some allies of Syrian will launch retaliatory measures and this probably not only against the Israeli regime.

According to the reports about the “new” plan of more intense attack against Syria, not only the list of possible targets on Syrian soil includes now more targets than previously, but the Pentagon and US military is now also considering the use of at least US missile destroyers and several US Air Force bombers. Some US missile destroyers are already in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. These are able to launch air-to-surface missiles as well as cruise missiles in case Washington launches the war on Syria.

Syria Map
Syria Map

An alleged officer, who is said to be familiar with the Pentagon war plans against Syria, stated that “there will be several volleys and an assessment after each volley, but all within 72 hours and a clear indication when we are done.” Maybe in his wet dreams, but that´s far from reality. Any attack on Syria will last longer.

US President Barack Obama meanwhile still speaks about his dream of a limited attack on Syria, too. However, it remains to be seen whether a reduced amount of US warplanes will bring the Syrian military and defence to its knees.

Not to mention that it could be that Obama knows the truth but just maintains the better sounding babbling about a “limited attack” on Syria, because a talk about another full-scale war with many US soldiers would just scare the Americans even more, of course. So or so, Obama reveals his true colours and the US services reveal their links and support for Al-Qaeda.

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  1. Robert


    This in no lie. If you think it is, more NO power to you. Syria is doomed. Read what God has said about it in Syria.

  2. Troy

    there wont be any war, as educated as we all are, know well it means nothing!

    Lets, not point finger at one person. Somebody in his family or some stupid
    just want to frame a good nation.

    Looking, at destruction, meaningless.

    There, are better ways to discuss,matters concerning humans health, food,
    education via.,simple dialogue.

    Things, like oil/gas pool, mining,etc., are things to consider to lift and eradicate
    poverty, and not destruction.


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