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US-Led Military Strike on Syria Supports Al-Qaeda

US Soldier rejects to fight for Al-Qaeda while his brothers are killed by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Syrian Minister travels to Russia while Britain and Saudi Arabia launch joint air drills.

Dean Henderson said in his new interview that a possible US-led military strike on Syria would also support the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists fighting against the Syrian government in Damascus and reveal the schizophrenic agenda of the Obama administration in Washington.

The political analyst Dean Henderson is the founder of “The Missoula Paper” (1990) and he was a columnist for the Montana Kaimin some years ago. The American author Dean Henderson travelled to more than 50 countries and won the Democratic nomination for Congress in Missouri’s 8th District in 2004.

The journalist and political analyst has published several books, including “Big Oil and Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families and Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics and Terror Network”, “The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries” and “Stickin’ it to the Matrix”.

In his new interview the political analyst and author Dean Henderson spoke not about the war profiteers and banksters who force the United States in such baseless wars against other countries, but he spoke about the fact that a possible military strike against Syria by the Obama administration in Washington would also support the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and its intentions in and with Syria.

After US Secretary of State John Kerry has lied about the “absence of Al-Qaeda in the Syrian conflict” to US congressmen and even confirmed that the totalitarian dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar will pay the entire US-led military invasion in Syria by their petrodollars, it already is the situation that US troops will then be the paid mercenaries alongside Al-Qaeda in Syria while other US soldiers are killed by the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda (established and supported by the US administration, with links to the CIA) in other Arab countries.

Not to mention that in regards of Al-Qaeda there is a continuously threat that these jihadists will carry out terrorist acts against the United States or in other Western countries. Further, the majority of the terrorists fighting in Syria, affiliated with al-Qaeda or not, would not hesitate to attack a Western nation if they had the chance to do so. Already several political analysts and members of Western military and security offices have warned against it.

The political commentator and author Dean Henderson further said in his new interview that the only hope is that the Obama administration in Washington will not go to war against Damascus in support of “these al-Qaeda terrorists that they are backing in Syria.” And this hope lies on the members of the US Congress and the American people, according to Dean Henderson.

Dean Henderson also explained in this interview from Sunday that the backers and supporters of the US war plans against Syria, which are actually the war plans by the Israeli regime and the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia against the secular government in Damascus, are trying to divert the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) “from battlefield and give the advantage back to the al-Qaeda rebels.” The same was already mentioned by several other political analysts and lawmakers from different countries in the Middle East.

However, also the book author and analyst Dean Henderson believes that the members of the US Congress in Washington will not approve the war planes of the Obama administration against Syria. According to the statements by Dean Henderson, it will be really hard for the US administration “to get this thing through the House.” While Henderson thinks that there is a possibility that the US administration of President Obama will be able to get the war plans on Syria through the Senate, he does not believe that it will pass the US Congress.

It is also unlikely, according to the American author and political analyst, that the US President Barack Obama will go ahead with his (actually, the Israeli-Saudi-American war plans) plan to launch a military attack on Syria without the approval by the US Congress.

In the meantime, it is reported that the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia has launched its joint air drills with the British military at the RAF Coningsby air base in England. The joint drills are carried out to improve the capability for conducting electronic warfare and air tactics of the Saudi regime forces.

According to the reports, the joint air drills of Britain and Saudi Arabia also include air crew surveillance missions with the involvement of Typhoon and Tornado fighter jets of the Saudi regime side. However, such joint air drills with a violent regime that is even known for its disrespect against human rights is only to condemn.

However, Saudi Arabia has money and the British armament industries are happy to sell their stuff to the Saudi regime. These armament industries do not care whether Saudi Arabia respects human rights or not or whether they kill some Bahrainis or not. Just recently, the US military has sold American-made cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia, worth about $640 million – although cluster bombs are banned by 83 nations because of their deadly latent damage.

US Soldier rejects to fight in Syria for al-Qaeda.
US Soldier rejects to fight in Syria for al-Qaeda.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has arrived in Moscow in order to hold talks with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the conflict and crisis in Syria but also about the increased possibility of a US-led war on Damascus and the possible consequences for the Syrian nation and even for the entire Middle East.

Both Foreign Ministers from Syria and Russia will discuss the critical situation in the Russian capital Moscow today. According to the reports, the talks between the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem (al-Moallem) and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov will focus around all aspects of the current turmoil and situation in and around Syria.

Also an Iranian representative will travel to Moscow in the next days in order to hold talks about the Syrian conflict and the US rhetoric of war against Damascus as well as about ways to prevent a US-led military strike on the Arab country.

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