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Dean Henderson: US Banksters Interested in Syrian Oil and Natural Gas

Oil Barrels and piping.

American Author: US Banksters want oil and gas pipelines that run through Syria.

The American author Dean Henderson said in a new interview that the “banksters” in the United States have Syria in sight – in terms of the Syrian natural gas, the oil and new pipeline roots that run through the Arab nation.

Dean Henderson is the founder of “The Missoula Paper” (1990) and was a columnist for the Montana Kaimin. The American author Henderson travelled to more than 50 countries and won the Democratic nomination for Congress in Missouri’s 8th District in 2004. The journalist and author Dean Henderson has published several books, including “Big Oil and Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families and Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics and Terror Network”, “The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries” and “Stickin’ it to the Matrix”.

In his new interview with Press TV from Monday, Dean Henderson said that the war profiteers and “banksters” in the United States are interested in the “media campaign” against Syria in order to bring the U.S. administration in Washington closer to the next war in the Middle East – this time, against Syria.

Henderson said also that the “banksters are looking for a pretext” for a war against Syria because the war profiteers in the United States are interested in the Syrian oil, natural gas and new pipeline roots that will run through Syria. Thus, these “banksters” and war profiteers support the dangerous “media campaign” (propaganda campaign) against Syria because they are interested in their benefits after another war by the U.S. military in the Middle East.

Already some weeks ago, there were several reports that some backers of the so-called external “Syrian opposition”, and thus, also supporters of the armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria against the (secular) Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad (new interview) are also interested in the Syrian oil and natural gas of the Arab nation.

According to the statements by the American author and journalist Dean Henderson, the US “banksters” seek to destroy Syria and are looking forward to the moment when the Syrian nation slips deeper into a chaos as it is the situation in countries like Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Henderson added in his interview with Press TV on Monday that it is exactly that chaos from where these war profiteers make their money from. They “rebuild a lot of stuff” and they make “a lot of contracts” after the destruction of such countries like Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq…

Of course, this is true. Even after the so-called “Arab revolution” in Tunisia and Egypt, many of these war profiteers and “banksters” tried to invest in these countries and to make a lot of contracts in order to increase their benefits from the chaos in such countries. This also includes several governments of the West, which are certainly not better than these “banksters” and war profiteers.

The American author Dean Henderson also stated that this “fascist regime of banksters” is actually using the U.S. administration in Washington as well as the governments in France and Britain (probably also other governments such as the German government in Berlin). These governments are virtually “all just servant to these people,” according to the American journalist, Dean Henderson.

Dean Henderson made these statements while a growing number of U.S. Republicans and Democrats in the Congress want the administration of President Barack Obama to give its green light for military actions against Syria – these military actions also include airstrikes against targets in Syria.

Syria - Jobar - ANNA-news
Syria – Jobar – ANNA-news

The US-author Dean Henderson is convinced that the foreign-backed terrorists were behind the recent chemical attacks in Jobar, a suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus. For Henderson, it`s “obvious that the rebels were behind these attacks,” and not only for him. Many are convinced that the foreign-supported terrorists have carried out these chemical attacks near Damascus. However, there are sides that benefit from the media campaign and propaganda against the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and these sides are not in bed with the truth in general.

Also the US-journalist Henderson (Press TV) has the opinion that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as the Mossad (intelligence of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv) are using the armed terrorists and jihadists in Syria as “their puppets” in order to incriminate the Syrian government in Damascus and to boost the possibilities for the launch of a military offensive by the U.S. military against Syria.

Henderson said in his interview with Press TV, that the allegations that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has used chemical agents in the military operations in Jobar is a lie and that he hopes that “enough of the world will wake up to prevent it (military strike against Damascus) from happening.”

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  1. Canthama

    The best report of a key reason for GCC to change the regime in Syria was the one saying that the GCC tried to convince the Syrian Government to allow the GCC to pipe gas through Syria toward Turkey with end game in Europe. The whole thing was suppose to break the strong position Russia enjoys suppling natural gas to Europe. Since the Syrian Government said no, then GCC decided to dump them and get it done anyway, well that was 3 years ago….so far Syria still stands. On top of that Syria Northeast is rich in oil and gas but lacks infra structure to pursue the rich fields, this is exactly where Al Qaeda is stronger, to tap on the golden oil..but yet it lacks infra structure to harvest it.
    The whole thing is a geopolitical game and Europe is in the the center of it to break Russia’s strong position as energy supplier to the Europeans.

    • Arklight

      Yup. How’s this for Russian response to NATO attack on Syria: Putin, (on phone), “Hi, EU. I told ya, but ya wouldn’t listen. Go check the pilot light on your water heater. If it’s still lit, let me know, and I’ll have Igor shut some more valves. Never mind, I’ll just have him close some more valves anyway. See ya.”

  2. Dawn Elise

    War seems to be always about a stronger country taking a weaker country’s resources away. Thank you for explaining about Syria’s significant natural gas and oil resources–and the new Iran-Iraq-Syrian “Friendship Pipeline” that connects the immense Iranian South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf to Damascus, Syria ). The U.S. and EU would “kill” for control of this oil, and are.

  3. Dennis Moore

    It is now, and has always been, about what currency the oil is made to be purchased. Russia now as in the Afganistan war wants to sell oil in a currency other than the U.S. dollar. The era of the petrodollar is over. But we will continue to mercenary our military to prop up the petrodollar, so we can continue to run the fiat currency of debt dollars to fund the socialist agenda that both parties suscribe. Yes, the Republicans answer sirens call of debt spending also. Folks
    We can’t fix it till we know what is broke. The Creature from Jeckle Island is a good start.

    Dennis Moore
    Director-Willow Run Tea Party Caucus


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