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Syria: Military Operations by Syrian Army in Aleppo and Harasta

SAA Soldier

Aleppo, Damascus: Military Operations by units of the Syrian Army.

According to reports from Syria about the ongoing military operations of the Syrian Army units in several provinces of the Arab nation, the units of the Syrian Army were able to carry out further successful mop-up operations against the foreign-backed terrorist groups in the city of Aleppo but also in the countryside of Syria’s capital, Damascus.

The information about the clashes and battles between the Syrian forces and the foreign-supported terrorist groups in the city of Aleppo (Halab) as well as in its countryside say that the operative units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have eliminated all members of more than one terrorist group in a series of targeted military operations in several neighborhoods of the strategically important city of Aleppo.

The operations against the gatherings of these terrorist groups were in its majority successful. The military operations took place in several towns and villages in the region of Aleppo (Halab) and the army units were also able to destroy a large warehouse filled with weapons and ammunition. Further, the units of the Syrian forces have regained the full control of a number of buildings in the neighborhood of Bustan al-Qaser.

An official military source said that the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have carried out a well-organized military operation against the armed jihadists of the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) in Masaken al-Tarbiya. Masaken al-Tarbiya is an area in the neighborhood of Bustan al-Qaser.

According to the military source, the units of the Syrian army in Masaken al-Tarbiya have also expanded the control on the buildings that are located in the South of the Hozaifa Mosque after intense clashes with a group of armed terrorists. However, the units of the Syrian Army were able to kill a large number of terrorists in these recent clashes near the Hozaifa Mosque in the neighborhood of Bustan al-Qaser (Aleppo / Halab). The eliminated terrorists were previously hiding inside the blocks and used their locations as platforms in order to target civilians in the area.

Several gatherings of the foreign-supported terrorists in Aleppo were destroyed in the recent military operations by the Syrian Army. Some terrorists’ gatherings were destroyed in al-Rashideen. The battles between the army units and the terrorist groups had the result that many armed terrorists were killed and injured today. In addition, a unit of the Syrian army has confronted a terrorist infiltration attempt to the area of the Suleiman al-Halabi neighborhood (Aleppo) and then eliminated all members of this terrorist group that has tried to infiltrate into the Suleiman al-Halabi neighborhood.

SAA Soldier
SAA Soldier

Another group of terrorists tried to infiltrate into the area of Dahrat Abd Rabbo. This attempt was foiled by a unit of the Syrian army. Several dens and weapons of the terrorists in the region of the city of Aleppo were also destroyed today by the operative army units. For example, terrorist dens and arms were destroyed in the areas of Bayanoun, al-Mansoura, Maqale al-Tamoura and al-Layramoun by the troops of the Syrian forces in each neighborhood after the several clashes

In the North of the countryside of the strategically important Syrian city of Aleppo, a storage for arms and ammunition of the terrorists was destroyed. The arms and ammunition cache of the terrorists were located in the South of Hreitan. A large number of terrorists were eliminated in partly intense clashes in the Syrian village of Mayer, but also near the al-Kindi Hospital, in the North of the Syrian village of Hamina as well as in the area in the East of the village of Deir Hafer.

Also in the area which is surrounding the Aleppo Central Jail, several armed terrorists were killed in the military operations by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

In the villages of Kweires, Jdeideh, and Kafkir, the Syrian forces were able to destroy several missile and mortar launchers of the terrorists after some partly intense clashes in the Southeast of the Province of the city of Aleppo.

Further military operations by units of the Syrian army took place in the countryside of the Syrian capital, Damascus. It is said that the units of the Syrian army were able to eliminate a number of terrorists in the countryside of Damascus today.

In the area of Barzeh (Damascus), the units of the Syrian army were able to destroy a lot of munitions and arms which the foreign-backed terrorists had loaded in a car near the Tishreen Hospital. All terrorists were killed in the attack by the Syrian soldiers in this area of Barzeh.

In Harasta, several terrorists with links to the dangerous al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) were killed by the Syrian forces today. The clashes that led to the killing of these armed jihadists took place in the East of al-Thanawiya roundabout in Harasta. Another military operation by a unit of the Syrian Army was able to kill some terrorists, including Muad al-Hwaid and Abdelrahman Samadi, in the area of the al-Shifouniye farms.

In the area of the villages of Erbin and Adra, further Islamists of the Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) were killed and their weapons were destroyed today. It is said that parts of the killed terrorists and eliminated jihadists in Syria’s Harasta were affiliated with the “Liwa’a al-Islam” battalion.

Other clashes took place in al-Ghouta (Ghouta) today. In the East of al-Ghouta, some units of the Syrian army continued the military operations against the armed terrorist groups in the area. The further operations by the Syrian army were carried out in the Syrian villages of Deir Salman and al-Bahariya today. The result was the elimination of several terrorists in these villages.

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  1. Hassani

    God bless the Syrian Army,however Syria must take care your broder with drones strikes,camaras,tanks,vhicles the ables run quiqly and to attack enimy;

    • Arklight

      Hi, Hassani. Syria’s border is a whole lot of nothing but miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles of desert. I agree that drones would be a very good addition. The jihadis are pretty much road bound so drone tracking should not be too difficult, with the caveat that the Israelis can, probably, hack the downloads. No country upon the planet has enough armor to set large enough roadblocks on every route to guarantee successful interception of jihadi transport, but there is a tactical solution out there. SAA is moving to secure the road nexus points and other sites which would effectively create choke points, which is good. SAA, with the best will in the world, does not have the ground forces to be everywhere at once. I think that Syria is wasting a very important strategic asset, the Kurds. Kurds may never forgive and injury, but neither do they forget a kindness. If SAA were to gift the Kurds with captured enemy weapons, Syria would, in my opinion, gain a far more important ally than anyone else in sight. Why have the Kurds survived in their enclaves? Because they are an entire population of born warriors, and the cost to any country for the effort to put them down would be too high to contemplate, particularly as the Kurds, mostly, ask only to be left alone. Were SAA to drive into a Kurdish town with a couple truckloads of infantry weapons, park the truck, hand over the keys and walk off, that would do more for Syrian-Kurdish relations than almost anything, in my opinion. SAA trooper gets out of the lead truck, tosses the keys to a Kurdish guy, says, “There ya go. Good hunting. See ya.” then gets into a pickup vehicle and leaves. Well, that’s just my opinion, and nobody will pay attention.

  2. Canthama

    It is good to hear the advances of SAA amid the distraction of CW, the best message to these blood thirsty terrorists is and always will be defeated in the field of battle. Go SAA, full support and full trust !!!

  3. Paul

    Keep fighting these scum long live the S A A from an Irish Christain the world is on your side Down with THE U S A and the British and the scum French the people of Ireland love the people of Syria .

  4. Mohammad ilham

    Hi editor…Your news is hear say look a like…Please be detail….We need precise news…

    However congrats to your capability to sustain…

    To all Syrian soldier…..

    This is war against Zionism Hand….remember this as a started of holy war…you must sustain to stand…We need an example throne of islam to awake those sleeping muslim country…

    • Arklight

      Hi, Mohammad, welcome aboard. Here’s a tip for posting on the forum: take a deep breath organize your thoughts and take your time. MK, the editor, is pretty much a one man band, so we do what we can to keep the forum in a civil format; since Syria is a secular nation with a pretty harmonious population comprised of almost every faith, denomination and sect, we stay away from promoting religion, although we do touch on it from time to time. Best wishes, guy.


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