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Syrian Oil Staged Opposition

Oil Barrels and piping.

Western main aid group for FSA & SNC only interested in Syrian oil.

According to a new report by the London-based “The Telegraph” newspaper, the so-called Western main support group for the staged “Syrian opposition” is not only in a big disarray as usual since the staged establishment of these  “Syrian opposition groups” and the occurrence of the backers, but also more interested to gain dollars with Syrian oil than to support the Syrian people or to achieve arms supplies for their criminal ground forces, e.g. the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which has lost a lot of ground and fighters in recent clashes against the Syrian Arab army (SAA) as well as in the armed infighting with the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot – e.g. the Jabhat al-Nusra / al-Nusra Front.

The Syrian Al-Qaeda branch is already more powerful on site in several regions of Syria than the now mainly supported (by foreign states) terrorists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The new article, published by the London-based “The Telegraph” newspaper recently, says that the so-called Western main support group for the staged “Syrian opposition” is instead of using a specific US licence to funnel funds to the “opposition” in order that these groups are able to buy more weapons that can be delivered to the terrorist groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the “group has spent months pursuing a fruitless dash to make millions of dollars from Syrian oil.”

The report by the “The Telegraph” newspaper from London goes further and says that even one former staff member of this Western main support group for the staged “Syrian opposition” has alleged that the heads of this group have already become “obsessed” with the delightful prospect to gain millions of dollars from Syrian oil when they are able to land a so-called “jackpot oil deal”.

This is, according to the former staff member, also the main reason why the heads of this Western main support group for the staged “Syrian opposition” have already “lost sight of its core mission” to back the terrorist groups on Syrian soil in their criminal acts and fights against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

And all this violence, terrorism as well as these horrible, inhuman massacres only in order to achieve an armed overthrow of a secular government in order to replace it with a more Islamist but Israeli-friendly proxy regime, which will also satisfy the orders by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Washington.

In addition, while Syria is a secular Arab nation, the Western leaders still maintain their friendships with the totalitarian dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. What a schizophrenic hypocrisy. However, money rules the world, not the thinking about peace and prosper for all.

Well, according to the report by the London-based newspaper “The Telegraph”, the heads of this Western main support group for the staged “Syrian opposition” group are more interested in dollars by a huge deal about a lot of oil from Syria than in the arming of their criminal ground forces.

Oil Barrels and piping.
Oil Barrels and piping.

While it is clear that the money by such trades about the oil from Syria could help later to rebuild the country and also the once beautiful Syrian cities as Aleppo, Hama, and Homs, and to help a lot of Syrian families to rebuild their homes or fields, in order that the Arab nation will again become as it has been previously, just a bit over two years ago (before the beginning of the foreign-sponsored terrorism and destruction of Syria), the heads of this “opposition group” want their own share of the Syrian oil pot and this could be just another evidence that they are not really interested in peace and safety for the Syrian people, but just care about their own image, their own benefits, and the “power”, which is obviously reachable by being a part of such a staged council / opposition group. In addition, same applies for their backers.

That there is a lot of disarray and that these opposition groups as well as their questionable backers / supporters are at strife since many months, is no surprise at all. This is known since many months. This main Western support group for the staged “Syrian opposition” is a joke just like the so-called umbrella group of the “Syrian opposition”, based in Turkey.

The London-based newspaper, The Telegraph, also wrote in the published article that the main Western support group for the Syrian opposition has failed to channel any substantial aid to the criminal ground forces of them and is also struggling “to keep the lights on.” Under consideration of the recent militarily successes of the Syrian Arab army (SAA), there is a huge problem for the backers of this terrorism and violence within Syria as well as for their armed fighters on Syrian soil.

The liberation of the Syrian city of Homs is imminent and afterwards, the liberation of Aleppo (Halab) and other parts of Syrian cities, villages, and regions is just a matter of time. The foreign-backed terrorists are currently crushed by the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA). Also due to their huge mistakes to carry out horrible massacres against Syrian civilians and to present a huge sectarian hatred, so that Syrian people fear these so-called “Syrian rebels” while these armed terrorist are losing support within the residents of their home towns or specific districts.

They are more and more unable to hide between the residents because they are no more having the support due to the fact that these terrorist groups have carried out too much massacres and the Syrian people have meanwhile seen or sadly also experienced the criminal behaviour of these marauding terrorist groups in many places of the Arab nation; while the West and regional states still support them and are even unable to condemn such a massacre as the horrible incident carried out by the terrorists in Khan al-Assal, near the Syrian city of Aleppo. Just to maintain their propaganda and the support for the terrorist forces on site in Syria. What a shame.

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  1. Arklight

    Offensive warfare is always, always, ALWAYS an armed robbery writ large, no matter what form any other pretext might be put forward. Somebody wants to steal your stuff whether it’s land, oil, cropland, minerals – – whatever, it’s always about stealing your stuff at gunpoint. As far back as we can trace history, aggressive warfare has always, somewhere, come down to stealing somebody else’s stuff. Most recent examples: ‘Bin Laden is hiding in Afghanistan, and we’re going after him.’ ‘Ah! Good idea! Did you know that Afghanistan has the world/s largest known deposits of lithium and several rare earths?” “Really? You astonish me.’ ‘Oh, yeah. And I don’t doubt that the opium poppy fields could be brought back to full production in a short time.’ ‘Drugs? Filthy stuff. How much money could we make off of opium?’ ‘Trillions, over time.’ ‘Really? You astonish me.’

    ‘Saddam Hussein is a hideous dictator. We must get rid of him, and implant democracy in Iraq.’ ‘Iraq has a LOT of oil. Better than what KSA has left.’ ‘No! You don’t say so! I had no idea.’

    ‘Colonel Gaddafi is a hideous dictator. We must get rid of him.’ ‘Libya has a LOT of oil. Better than what KSA has left. Plus miles upon miles of wonderful crop land that Monsanto can’t touch.’ ‘You don’t say! Well, imagine that.’

    ‘Hosni Mubarek is a hideous dictator. We must get rid of him and install democracy in Egypt.’ ‘Egypt owns the Suez Canal.’ ‘I don’t believe it! Those gypos aren’t all that bright so, if we could swindle ’em out of control the canal, could we make money off it?’ ‘Oh, yeah. You’ve no idea.’

    It’s all about money. KSA dude; ‘Syria has a LOT of oil. a whole lot better than anything we have left. Well, better than any of what we DO have left.’ ‘Interestedng.’ ‘Yeah. Let’s throw a jihad and grab their oil, whaddya say?’ ‘Isn’t that stealing?’ ‘Not at all. Syria is populated by infidels and heretics, so we have to bring them back to the true faith. If we get their oil and very productive cropland and orchards as our reward, well, isn’t that God’s will?’ ‘Sorry. I hadn’t looked at it that way.’

    You see how it goes?


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