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Espionage Germany / NSA

NSA: Forget PRISM, XKeyscore is here

Keith Alexander, head of the U.S. intelligence agency NSA, tried to justify the surveillance programs of the NSA (PRISM, XKeyscore …) at the “Black Hat” hacker conference while the known newspaper “The Guardian” has almost simultaneously released new details about the surveillance programs of the NSA such as PRISM or the mentioned XKeyscore.

In the focus of the increasing public debate about the monitoring and surveillance programs was the first program (PRISM) of the U.S. intelligence agency NSA so far. PRISM has reached the public by the statements and information of the now famous whistleblower Edward Snowden.

However, PRISM is basically “just” a global form of data preservation. This does not mean it is easily to accept and to forget about, but in contrast to other NSA programs, PRISM looks like a childish attempt to use a data retention to know more about us.

The now published information and details about a NSA program called “XKeyscore” by the newspaper “The Guardian” is more interesting and “XKeyscore” is not “just” a childish attempt by the NSA in the United States to monitor specific human targets or just us all.

The now published documents about the NSA program “XKeyscore” deliver a deeper insight in the plans, projects, and aims of the U.S. intelligence agency, the so-called NSA. And with “XKeyscore”, the already suspected total surveillance of every Internet user worldwide becomes a reality and fact.

When Keith Alexander, head of the U.S. intelligence NSA, still tried to convey the impression that the activities of the NSA would be under a complete control of independent judge and by the U.S. Congress at the hacker conference “Black hat” in Las Vegas and even said that the analysis of the collected information would only be targeted against individual suspects, the published documents by “The Guardian” draw a completely different picture.

Espionage Germany / NSA
Espionage Germany / NSA

It seems that Keith Alexander, head of the U.S. intelligence NSA, lied in his speech at the hacker conference in Las Vegas. And sometimes, not everything just stays in Sin City and never reaches others.

According to the published documents and information by “The Guardian”, the employees of the intelligence NSA were able to access huge databases about Internet users worldwide. These NSA databases include names, personal data as well as various tags about a lot of Internet users around the globe – and not all are suspects or criminals.

In contrast of the statements of the NSA chief, presented by him e.g. in his speech at the hacker conference in Las Vegas, the access of the huge databases with names and personal data of Internet users was not observed by tools in regards whether the appropriate permits for the analysis of the databases by NSA employees would be already there.

In contrast to the statements by the NSA chief, no approval of another NSA employee, let alone the approval of an independent judge, has been needed to observe the activities of any Internet user via the NSA monitoring program “XKeyscore” in real time.

And thus, with reference to the credible documents, published by “The Guardian”, Keith Alexander, head of the U.S. intelligence NSA, has lied in his speech at the “Black hat” hacker conference in Las Vegas. Not to mention that PRISM becomes a childish project when one is being faced with “XKeyscore” – the real-time monitoring and thus, the observation of everybody online without any approval by independent judges or others, was “made possible” by the NSA with the support of other foreign intelligence.

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