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US-Sponsored Kurdish SDF Besiege 2 Districts in Qamishli for the 5th Day

Kurdish SDF armed groups north Syria - US Army

The US-sponsored Kurdish separatist armed groups known as the SDF continue their war crime by besieging two districts in the northern Syrian city of Qamishli for the 5th day amidst the world’s malicious silence.

Al-Tai and Halko’s neighborhoods are under complete blockade for 5 days by separatists of the so-called ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ working for the Trump Forces ‘Oil Thieves Regiment’ in northern Syria, blocking the delivery of food including bread into the besieged neighborhoods and kidnapping citizens who try to defy the siege.

These new apartheid acts by the outlaw Kurdish armed groups are part of their criminal efforts to Israelize large parts of northern Syria, that is to displace the local Syrians from territories they occupy and replace them with people loyal to them. These war crimes could not be carried out by the relatively small numbers of the SDF armed groups without the full protection of elements loyal to the outgoing US President Trump in the US army, who in turn are positioned illegally in Syria to steal the Syrian oil.

In one of his endless lies to his own supporters, Donald Trump promised them to bring home their family members in the US army deployed abroad, especially in the Middle East and especially in areas they’re illegally deployed, however, instead of doing just that and even after publicly declaring he is withdrawing his troops from Syria, the outgoing US president beefed up the numbers of the US personnel and assigned them a job to ‘steal the Syrian oil, because he likes oil’, in his own words. Thus the branding of the US military in Syria as ‘Oil Thieves Regiment’ of the Donald Trump forces.

In addition to stealing the Syrian oil, the Trump forces have also provided protection to separatist and terrorist groups in their areas of operation in the country, namely the Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups and the remnants of ISIS.

The SDF has committed horrific crimes against the Syrians in the areas they illegally occupy, this latest one started by blocking the entrances to the Tai and Halko districts at the Quwatli and Wahda squares and the crossroads of Oweija and Zuhoor.

Over 1300 houses where thousands of Syrians live in these districts of Qamishli city, who are being deprived of deliveries of heating oil since the beginning of the winter season by the Kurdish SDF separatist armed groups.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    One day soon these Kurdish criminals will pay for their crimes and sadly many innocent Kurds will have to pay the price as well for being silent.


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