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Iranian IRGC Unveil an Advanced Missiles Base on the Persian Gulf

Iranian IRGC Missile base on the Persian Gulf

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps – IRGC unveiled a new underground missile base overlooking the Persian Gulf today, Friday, in a new message of defiance in the face of continuous threats by the regimes of the USA, Israel, and others.

The chief of the IRGC stated during the ceremony: ‘The ranges of missiles owned by the Navy exceed hundreds of kilometers, and their destructive capacity is high and have the ability to deal with electronic warfare.’

A short video clip (40 seconds) released by the IRGC shows dozens of missiles-mounted trucks, lorries for transporting missiles, and missiles in boxes in a very long fortified facility with the IRGC commanders walking through.

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

The IRGC chief added: ‘What we see today in this complex is one of several Revolutionary Guard strategic naval missile installations, these missiles have a very high destructive power and are able to pass through the enemy’s electronic warfare equipment.’

‘Our missiles are among the most advanced in maritime confrontations, and our missile systems are fully prepared to defend the country and thwart any plans against the Islamic Republic,’ the Commander concluded.

The leaders in the USA and its Israel protectorate not only showed their desire in destroying the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country of about 85 million, they are actually engaged in all sorts of sabotage and warfare against the country that has not attacked or invaded or threatened to invade the United States of America despite the US deliberately shooting down an Iranian passenger plane in 1988 killing all 290 people onboard and bragging about that, assassinating Iranian scientists, sabotaging Iranian nuclear and power generating facilities and bragging about that, and assassinating Iranians top and most revered general Qasem Soleimani and also bragging about that.

Iran had to develop its own weapons after being besieged and living under sanctions for 4 decades and being viciously attacked by all US proxies for long: Saddam Hussien of Iraq, Israel covert operations, Al Qaeda attacks, and hosts a terrorist organization the so-called MEK, and disrupting the country’s access to international markets by intimidating countries and corporations worldwide not to deal with Iran. Any of these acts if carried out by Iran against the USA or its proxies the western world would go mad and demand to ‘Libya’ or ‘Iraq’ Iran.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    There is no a such things as “the regimes of the USA, Israel, and others”.
    There is one and one only regime on planet Earth it is Rothschields regime of private central banks scheme established over hundred years ago on this planet. All 163 member states of the UN must obey his orders and submit to his exactions. OR GET OFF HIS EARTH!


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