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Unknown Soldiers of the Syrian Electricity Army Restore Two More Stations

Demigod linemen return electricity to Aleppo towns. UNSC klan oblivious.

The unknown soldiers of the Syrian electricity army have restored two more power stations put out of service by NATO supported terrorists. The Zerbeh and ICARDA power plants south of Aleppo again provide civilians with the electricity needed to light their homes, and their work places. These plants had been destroyed by terrorist thugs run by the madman of Turkey, Erdogan.

Demigod lineman of the Syrian Electricity Army, restoring cable.

The Syrian Arab Army recently liberated these neighborhoods; Erdogan’s ongoing outrage over Syria belonging to Syria and not to Turkey, resulted in an almost immediate — and deadly — war criminal aerial bombing of SAA and Hezb Allah soldiers in Zerbeh.

“Let there be light.”
“And there was light, and it was good.”

Hossan Haj Ismail is the Director of the Northern Region Branch of the Electrical Department. He told SANA of the multiple damages done to transformers, of cables that had been cut, of vandalism perpetrated by terrorists committed to locking civilians into darkness. He reported on the successful rehabilitation of these power plants, and that technical workshops were in place to lay a 35 km line from Zerbeh to the ICARDA station. The Ministry of Electricity has drawn up a plan for the rehabilitation of the Zerbeh station 232/66 kV and ICARDA station 66-20 kV to feed the surrounding industrial areas.

In September 2017, back-to-back Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated much of the Caribbean. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced into the barbarity of life without electricity; the lucky ones for weeks, the others, for months.

Just one apartment complex on St. Croix, where transformers were destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Electricity linemen scouts came to see if there were any pieces that could be salvaged from the wreckage, as there was a massive shortage of materials.
There was nothing to be culled; one lineman launched a kick to the mess, in frustration.

What could possibly be worse than a natural disaster which wipes out electricity for hundreds of thousands of human beings?

The bombing of electricity plants in Syria, is infinitely worse; the support of ordinary westerners for the ‘beasts with two legs’ who would permanently put out the light for an entire country, is an inexcusable abomination.

Miri Wood

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