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Turkey War Minister Claims Killing 44 PKK Terrorists without Any Proof

Turkey president Erdogan war minister Hulusi Akar turkish intelligence Hakan fidan

Turkey war minister and war criminal in the regime of the madman Erdogan, so-called Hulusi Akar, claimed that his forces killed 44 Kurdish PKK terrorists in retaliation to the killing of 3 Turkish army soldiers in northern Syria.

War criminal Akar said in statements delivered by Erdogan’s main propaganda outlet Anadolu that his forces killed the 44 PKK terrorists yesterday, Saturday 15 January within the ‘punishment operation’ avenging the killing of the Turkish soldiers killed in Tal Abyad last Saturday.

‘An operation against the (PKK) party is ongoing in retaliation for the killing of the soldiers last week,’ war criminal Akar added in his statements.

The Turkish army is occupying large parts of Syria’s most fertile and oil and water-rich land in the northern provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah, in what was as first a claim to ‘protect Turkey’s national security’ from the terrorists Turkey sponsors, to block their return to Turkey if they attempt to, developed into a full incursion and later on Turkify the Syrian regions occupied by the Turkish army and its affiliated Al Qaeda terrorist groups.

Akar did not forget to ask the ‘other parties talking’ with his regime for help to save his forces while they commit their war crimes against the Syrian people within the Erodgan’s neo-Ottoman overall efforts to Israelize large lands, that is to uproot its people, displace them, replace them with imported settlers loyal to the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine Erdogan and his PKK party follow, it’s literally Wahhabism in fancy suits, Wahhabism is the anti-Jewish Zionism of Islam followed by the family ruling most of the Arabian Penninsula including what’s known as ‘Saudi Arabia’ and the little gas station known as Qatar (pronounced Gutter).

All of the acts by the Turkish regime in Syria throughout the past 10 years are violations of international law, explicit war crimes, and in breach of the bilateral Syrian – Turkish Adana Accord signed in 1998, and all of these war crimes by the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan while it reiterates in every international arena its commitment to the ‘sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.’

The regime of the Turkish madman and neo-Ottoman sultan wannabe Erdogan and its propaganda outlets tend to exaggerate the losses it claims of inflicting among its foes and at the same time minimize or zeroise their losses when they can in order to appease the growing discontent among its people for its foreign policies and mainly for its domestic policies, the killing of 44 Kurdish PKK terrorists in retaliation for the killing of 3 Turkish soldiers is a chapter borrowed from the Israeli Hasbara (the official policy of the Zionist state for propaganda) and the Pentagon’s policy to justify its wars worldwide.

Hypocrite Turkish madman Erdogan acting as a friend of Syria and of President Assad while plotting against Syria with Israel and the USA

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