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NATO Terrorists Kill and Injure Many in Northern Syria in Four Explosions

NATO Terrorist explosion in Azaz - Northwest of Aleppo Syria

NATO Turkey-sponsored terrorists went on a spree of blowing up themselves and others in the northern regions of Syria under the occupation of the Turkish army and its Al Qaeda assorted terrorist groups, at least 4 explosions took place in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo and Hasakah.

A NATO Turkey-sponsored suicide terrorist blew himself up in the Al-Bab city’s main bus station killing a civilian and injuring a child, local sources confirmed. The Erdogan loyalist detonated his suicide vest in the station without declaring the reason, people at the site of the explosion confirmed.

No party claimed responsibility for this heinous attack, such bombings are only carried out by suicide terrorists who follow the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi versions of Islam followed by the Turkish madman Erdogan and Qatar for the former, and by the Al Saud and their clan for the latter.

The video is also available on BitChute.

In a targeted explosion in the Al Asyanieh neighborhood in the northwestern Syrian city of Azaz, a terrorist group detonated an explosive device planted in a military sedan vehicle in the city, the explosion injured 3 people who were rushed to the city’s national hospital, one remains in critical condition.

Al Qaeda’s ‘civil defense’ terrorists of the so-called White Helmets inspected the site and cleared it for civilians, it said in a statement on the terrorist group’s Twitter verified account.

Another suicide terrorist blew himself up at the Kawa roundabout in the northwestern Syrian city of Afrin, at least one person was killed in the explosion, confused local sources reported, we couldn’t confirm whether it was the terrorist himself or someone else with him.

NATO Terrorist explosion in Al Bab - Northeast of Aleppo Syria - انفجار ارهابي في مدينة الباب شمال شرق حلب سورية
Terrorist explosion in Al Bab – Northeast of Aleppo, Syria

Both Syrian cities of Azaz and Afrin are under the illegal direct occupation of forces loyal to NATO’s 2nd top leader the Turkish madman and Sultan wannabe Erdogan, these forces comprise of terrorists from the Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front or Jabhat Nusra and lately rebranded themselves under the advice of a UK PR firm to HTS (Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham), and other Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups, mainly terrorists from the Chinese Uighur who operate under the so-called Turkestan Islamist Party, the Muslim Brotherhood groups of Hamzat, Hurras El-Din, Sultan Murad, Faylaq Sham, and others under the protection of thousands of Turkish army units, the Turkish army is the second-largest army in NATO, the alliance that should have been dissolved when its foe, the Warsaw Pact was dissolved back in July 1991.

The fourth terrorist attack for the day was an explosion in the Syrian city of Ras Al Ain (aka Ras Al-Ayn) in the northwestern countryside of the Hasakah province in the northeast of Syria, local sources confirmed without detailing the casualties.

No one claimed responsibility for these attacks, large parts of northern Syria in the provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah are under the occupation of NATO armies and their Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Kurdish SDF separatist proxy terrorist groups, they also control Syria’s main fertile land dubbed the country’s food basket, and the main oil and gas fields thus depriving more than 16.5 million Syrian people of their own food and fuel stolen by NATO member states and terrorist organizations.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    Makes me wonder sometimes if people really matter; so many of them, either as individuals or groups seem so mentally disturbed, I’m not talking about Syrians, although, of course you are affected, but primarily speaking of your enemies. They are no different than bones?


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