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Terrified from the US Withdrawal, Israel Bombs Syria trying to Start a War

Israel bombs Homs and Tartous from over Lebanon capital Beirut - عدوان اسرائيلي على حمص وطرطوس في سورية من فوق بيروت

Israel carried out its 3rd bombing against targets in Syria within less than a month, this time its bombing was directed toward the central city of Homs and the coastal city of Tartous using the Lebanese air space.

Lebanese people in the Wadi Khaled area of Akkar in northern Lebanon were hearing and seeing the Syrian air defenses shooting down some of the incoming missiles.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

At about 19.16 this evening, the enemy, Israel carried out an air attack from the direction north of Beirut, targeting some points in the central and coastal region. Our air defenses confronted the enemy’s missiles and brought down most of them. Some material losses.

The video is available on YouTube and BitChute.

The Lebanese officials in power over the past decades have a theory that ‘Lebanon’s strength is in its weakness’ depending on the so-called ‘International Law’ which NATO, Israel, and their camp totally ignore, and depending on promises from their sponsors which led to Israel occupying half of Lebanon back in the early 80s of the last century.

A large segment of the Lebanese people adopted the theory ‘what is taken by force will be liberated by force’ and managed to force Israel to withdraw from most of Lebanon in May of the year 2000, defeating Israel in the war Israel itself waged on Lebanon in the summer of 2006, and since then established a deterrence formula, slap for a slap, a kill for a kill, a shelling for shelling, and Israel is largely deterred for the past 15 years, whenever it breaches this new deterrence formula, the Lebanese resistance reminds it of it proportionally.

Seeing its main protector, the USA withdrawing from the region starting with Afghanistan and needs to conclude its withdrawal by the end of the year from Iraq which eventually will lead to its inevitable withdrawal from Syria as well after losing the logistical cover in Iraq, Israel is going mad and trying to stir wars and strife in the whole region which it is foreign to. The entire Arab world in which Israel was planted in its heart, in Palestine, is hostile to the European radical anti-Jewish Zionist settlers expelled from Europe and stole Palestine. To survive, Israel needs to constantly wage wars against its neighbors, if not wars then proxy wars or these aggressions which they termed as ‘battles within the wars‘!

Israel needs those US troops to fight on its behalf in the upcoming regional war, the USA cannot handle any serious war, not in the foreseen future, at least, it cannot sustain any new defeat, it cannot handle thousands of its troops getting murdered for Israel, and it cannot afford, financially, any new confrontation.

Israel does not carry aggression from over the Syrian air space ever since the Syrian 6 decades-old air defenses shot down one of Israel’s most advanced F16 and damaged an F35, the first took the Israeli regime 17 months to admit it was shot down by the Syrian air defenses, and the second they said a pigeon flying at 35,000 feet altitude went into its heavy engine that produces wet thrust of 43,000lbf and a dry thrust of 28,000lbf, one of the most powerful engines that took 30 years of development was damaged by a pigeon flying at 35,000 (more than 10 kilometers up in the space).

Today’s new aggression resulted in material damage and the wounding of two Syrian Army soldiers, this is not going to be forgotten, Syria, which balanced back the entire global power and even tilted in favor of the East (Russia, China, Iran, and the Axis of Resistance) over the West (NATO and co) will strike back at Israel if the latter crosses the red line and hits a strategic target in Syria, which it didn’t yet, and until then, the defeat of NATO’s strongest proxy armies of tens of thousands of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and depleting the US’s economy would suffice, for the time being, it is working quite well.

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