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Largest US Forces Withdrawal from Syria, 270 Vehicles Headed to Iraq

US forces withdraw 270 vehicles from Kharab Al Jir airport in Syria toward Iraq

Multiple reports from northeast Syria confirmed that the US troops, aka Biden oil thieves, removed 270 vehicles from their illegal bases in Syria toward the Iraqi borders shortly after midnight yesterday.

The largest movement of US troops and their proxies to move either way since the US intervened directly on the side of ISIS, Nusra Front, and a host of terrorist groups against the Syrian people and the Syrian armed forces, the convoy of 150 lorries, 120 covered trailers carrying US tanks moved from the US illegal military base in the Kharb Al Jir airport in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah moving toward Iraq through the illegal Al-Waleed border crossing.

Armored vehicles and 4×4 machine gun-mounted pickup trucks manned by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists accompanied the US convoy to guard it.

One of the reports, however, said that some of those vehicles belong to the Kurdish SDF terrorists, we couldn’t confirm from independent sources, the Kurdish SDF terrorists do not use that number of tanks, in general.

We were waiting on this report trying to understand whether this was a redeployment of troops by the Biden regime, especially that a couple of days earlier, a large convoy of US vehicles were smuggled by the Biden forces to their illegal military base in the Al Tanf area, in the southeast of Syria.

Let’s hope that some wise people in the US junta finally came to their senses and drew the lessons from their list of failures in all the wars and interventions they fought that only led to millions of deaths, sufferings, destruction among the peoples the US attacked in addition to tens of thousands of US troops killed, maimed, and unaccounted for, on top of an enormous public debt that was started from these wars and spiraled uncontrollably speeding to reach 30 trillion US dollars, that’s 30 thousand thousand million US dollars, in other words, 30 million million US dollars, or say 30 thousand thousand thousand thousand US dollars (yes, 4 times multiples of thousand).

In case you didn’t notice, this is the debt, not counting the annual spendings by the Pentagon, CIA, US Embassies that work in regime change and spying plots, basically, each US embassy around the world, which are already paid up from the budget directly ever since the US started waging wars for nobody’s benefits.

Justifications parrotted by ‘analysts’ and ‘pundits’ that the US is withdrawing from the Middle East to focus on China and the South China Sea is ludicrous, the US is an ending empire and ending rapidly; if it had any strength or even will for a standoff or war with China, it was directly on the Chinese borders in Afghanistan for 2 full decades, the US forces in Afghanistan were blocking the Chinese land connection to the Middle East and through it to Europe and the whole of Africa, if you want to wage a war against someone you try to encircle them, you don’t open for them more paths to extend their strengths.

The only matter that keeps the US forces in our region is to serve as cannon fodders and human shields and for the vast US investment in wars against Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Iran, and elsewhere in the region is to secure Israel, and even that is very shaky now; and the USA itself is on the verge of imploding from the inside and on all levels.

Voluntarily removing the troops from Syria is a wise decision, the latest confrontation between the Iranian IRGC Navy and the US’s strongest navy fleet the 5th Fleet in the Sea of Oman demonstrated the lack of willingness for further confrontations, the US itself, its Turkish ally, its Israeli protectorate, its Saudi and other Gulfies proxies cannot afford any new confrontation, forget the rosy pictures painted on their mainstream media, figures, actions, and reactions talk loudly and profoundly.

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  1. Barbara McKenzie

    10 years and counting … One tends to associate immoral wars with Republicans. What on earth are grassroots Democrats thinking?

    I do not have strong views on Donald Trump – sometimes I like what he does, sometimes I don’t, and criticise or praise him accordingly. Sometimes I think that he is well-meaning but naive, ignorant and probably compromised. However, when there was that huge campaign against Trump straight after his election, my respect for friends and acquaintances plummeted when they came out with lines like “what shall we do about Trump?” Hullo? You’re crying over the departure of immoral narcissistic warmonger Barack Obama?

    • Arabi Souri

      Trump had a chance and failed from day one, he disappointed his voters when he didn’t ‘lock her up’ so the witch came after him, then the unforgettable unforgivable bombings of Syria which never happened before despite Syria was not in good relations with almost all US presidents, even Bush didn’t bomb Syria and he had half a million troops at our eastern borders in Iraq, and when weasel Obama bombed a Syrian army post near Deir Ezzor he apologized, although it was intentional.

      Trump didn’t stop there, he assassinated the Iranian general Soleimani and Iraqi commander Muhandis at the Baghdad airport, and stole the Syrian oil, and that’s all in one region!

      He’s a lost case and criticizing him doesn’t, of course, mean endorsing the provided alternative, it’s war overdue the USA gets a real revolution and become a normal country, maybe independent states or groups of states would be better there, just like what they did to the USSR will work well for the USA.


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