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Syrian MP Fares Shehabi Pummels BBC Colonialist Sackur

image-Syrian MP Fares Shehabi Shreds BBC Propaganda on Hard Talk

Fares Shehabi is a Member of Parliament representing Aleppo, and the Chairman of the Syrian Federation of Industry. On 27 April, he was interviewed on BBC’s HardTalk, by rabid colonialist Stephen Sackur.  Sackur rudely tossed every bit of anti-Syria propaganda at Fares Shehabi, citing sources proven to lie, in attempts to intimidate the Syrian politician.  Fares Shehabi used his mind as a boxer uses his fists, and ko’d the obnoxious Englishman every time he uttered a lie — which was virtually every time he opened his mouth.

Sackur seemed almost dizzy that Aleppo politician Fares Shehabi — elected by 200,000 voters — never let up, kept punches of reality, on the terrorists stealing factories from Aleppo, on the takfiri killing Syrian soldiers in Khan al Asal with chemical weapons, that the Syrian Arab Army is defending the Syrian citizenry from foreign invaders, funded by Britain, by France, by the US.

MP Shehabi even reduced Sackur to whining about Bana, the little girl with the fake Twitter account whose father was a real, armed terrorist in the occupied region of Aleppo.

Tweets to the parliamentarian were supportive:

This BBC interview w/Syrian MP Shehabi Fares indicates how bitter the UK is about the defeat of the Jihadists & the West’s project to bring down the legitimate Syrian government. Stephen Sackur’s attitude is an example of British arrogance at its worst. —  Walid

This is a beautiful thing watching a Syrian member of parliament pull the whip on the hypocrisy of the west.  Which countries murdered over a million people in Iraq on a tower of lies, made Libya a breeding ground for terrorists? — Ronald M. Pillay

Brilliant knockout!  Syrian Aleppo MP Shehabi Fares just demolished ALL western propaganda on BBC Hardtalk.  Every lie & manufactured allegation against Syria exposed in this tremendous interview…– Sonia Mota

Shehabi warned the snooty English reporter that “there are 280 Brits on their way from Douma now to Europe, they’re going back to England. When they were getting on the buses, we collected the information of 280 British passports among the jihadis with the Nusra Front or Faylaq al-Rahman – which used to be ISIS – they got on the bus and they went to Northern Syria.”

Terrorist sympathizer BBC was so miffed by Fares Shehabi’s warning (that the terrorists were returning home to roost) that it actually defended the savages in an anemic, hissy-fit attempt to discredit the Syrian politician:  ” Faylaq al-Rahman has never publicly had any link with IS (ISIS) and has actually fought against it.”

Here is the interview; enjoy!

(Video also available on BitChute:

Fares Shehabi did note that the BBC “cut off the piece where I revealed some names of known terror bosses who received funding from the UK’s Foreign Office as solid evidence proved.”

Miri Wood  

UPDATE:  BBC so mortified by Sackur’s really limp performance that Hardtalk removed the video.

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  1. James Graham

    Super. That’s the trouble with playing the Devil’s Advocate…when it goes wrong you end up looking like a proper idiot. If that is the best shot the BBC has in the locker they are in big trouble. Even in the context of “Hard Talk,” how do you get away with demonising and dehumanising “the Assad Regime” and let DAESH and Al Qaeda off the hook? The BBC should be up for crimes against humanity for all lives they have cost with their careless talk.

  2. LB

    Love seeing the BBC and their propagandists getting destroyed, i say that as a person who used to pay the tv licence when i used to be one of the zombified masses, the BBC along with the UK govt are 2 of the most disgusting criminal organizations in the world.

  3. Kathleen Bushman

    Stephen Sackur sucks – I’m appalled that Sackur was so rude to Fares a democratically elected Syrian politician. I am certain, somehow, that if Saudi Arabia’s King Salman were interviewed by Sackur he would have been obsequious in his approach and we wouldn’t be hearing a word about how a monarchy is demonstrably undemocratic. I am equally certain we wouldn’t be hearing any great outcry about the suffering children of Yemen. Why would a journalist feel entitled to be so rude to anyone – much less the leader of another country – without a verdict from an unbiased court? We citizens of the west are no longer taking the word of our leaders – who have lied to us too many times. I think if someone is to judge Assad or MP Fares it should be his fellow Syrians – not May or Trump much less this arrogant Sackur who should be saked by the BBC asap.

  4. Gemma

    I agree these journos who toe the propaganda line have as much blood on their hands as the politicians who order it and the soldiers (or in this case crazed wahhabi terrorists) the govt pays to kill civilians of another sovereign nation. The journos fail in their professional duty and ensure consent to the war crimes of the govt by keeping the public uninformed

  5. Gemma

    I agree I have been shocked by the lack of respect UK politicians and journalists have shown to Assad et al. It exemplifies the utter derision they feel for Syrians and their state that so much disrespect and rudeness is leveled at their leader

  6. Guy

    When will Sackur gain some respect of the people he interviews and let them answer the questions posed to them.In reality they are not really questions but insinuations .BBC has reached the bottom of the barrel with this kind of so-called journalism.

  7. PasserBy

    He’s not playing Devil’s advocate, he is a devil (liar) full stop. The day the BBC is put on trial, and made to answer questions from the people, rather than the other way around, will be the day all this evil begins to cease. Every lie murders a part of the world, and the BBC are up to their necks in it.

  8. Marilyn Lois

    I saw this elation as eviDENSE from multiple, competent reporters revealing in hours that the U.S. /BRITTs staged the recent CHEM ATTACK KNOT ASSAD; and special joy for the low number of deaths US bombs caused in that very recent attack/crime.

  9. al

    Sakur referred to “the Syrian Regime” which was elected in elections that had international observers, so given that then it would be reasonable to say that given the UK elections were not observed then the UK government had been self elected, a regime! Oh no! Can’t say that about the incumbent UK govt. as they are above the Law, they have total impunity to say, or do, as they like. Rule Regime Britannia! Regime Britannia!

  10. Shahna

    I take it Mr Sackur does not realise that HIS performance and words are judged by his viewers as well?

    Very badly done, Stephen. You and your show used to be really good – until you got into the propaganda business that is. And really, your being rude to your guests does not reflect on your guests – it reflects ONLY on you and the BBC.

    The way you behaved towards this guest and recently to Mr Lavrov is really just incredibly disgraceful. But here’s the worst thing about it – we don’t expect any better from you anymore.

  11. Shahna

    Respect is not something you “get back.”
    You work hard to earn it but if you toss it away? — then it’s gone. Forever

    Sackur’s credibility is gone . HE threw it away.
    Now he’s just rude. Propaganda. Trash. More “fake news.”
    And the BBC doesn’t do journalism. They haven’t for quite some time now.

  12. Shahna

    It was such a pleasure to hear all that said so well, so eloquently and so directly from a SYRIAN and from a Syrian MP at that. Well done Sir, and thank you very much. I wish you and your country ever success in this war so unjustly forced on you by those who are deluded enough to describe themselves as “the civilised peoples of the world.”

  13. Bill Purkayastha

    Going by the precedent set by the N├╝rnberg trials at which the journalist propagandist Julius Streicher was convicted and hanged, Sackur and his fellow media whores are war criminals who must be tried and pay the ultimate penalty.

  14. Arabi Souri

    Some voting system on the commentators themselves. Comment more and get other readers upvote your comment earn more points which will cause your comment to go above in popularity, as it seems.

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