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Damascus: 140 Workshops Reopen in Fadhloun Industrial Area

Fadhloun Industrial Area - Damacus Countryside

Workshops in Fadhloun Industrial Area in Damascus countryside are getting back to work at the maximum speed possible, Syrians are longing to read the Made in Syria phrase. Over 140 workshops resumed working after years of forced suspension because of the Western-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’.

Thousands of workers can now earn their bread and support their families who suffered for long and more than any other people can just because the Western countries want to effect their ‘Regime Change’ plot in Syria, just one more trophy in their New World Order.

This report by SANA visits the industrial area and meets real people, not fake ones staged by propagandists as the Western media usually do:

(Video also available on BitChute:


Fadhloun Industrial Area stretches from Sbieneh Bridge until Qadam Trains Station, it contains half of Damascus’s workshops, and ranging from textile, chemical, clothing, thread production, pharmaceuticals, steel and others.

The Industrial Area was able to rise again after the brave men of the Syrian Arab Army brought peace and security to it.

The workshops owners began rehabilitation and restoration of their facilities in spite of the large destruction inflicted upon it and they resumed production.

Eng. Salah Allaf, owner of a furniture facility:
I restored my workshop since about 1.5 years, we resumed work from the beginning of this year, I have 3 workers now, the business is still not much since nobody is coming to this area, there are difficulties, but thanks to God, we need to get back to work, one needs to get back on his feet.

Eng. Salah Allaf, owner of a furniture facility:
This facility was in Darayya, it’s shifted here since about 3 months, these are thread yarn machines, this is cotton thread for military uniforms, we also do socks on the same machines..

Eng. Salah Allaf, owner of a furniture facility:
Thanks to God we are continuing, and we are achieving good hours now and in spite of the current conditions we are continuing, we have what to build, our nation for us and for our children.

Worker Mohammad Hamzeh:
Lack of spare parts was the biggest obstacle, thanks to God now it’s available and there’s more activities here and in Hosh Blass, now there’re not the same difficulties as before.

Taqieddin Saddein, worker in a water tanks producing facility:
We resumed production when the terrorists were pushed far from us, we produce water tanks, pipes, tankers.

The state provided everything we needed and most importantly the safety, we’re now moving in and out without any harassment. We were living in fear before, the terrorists were very close near us, after the SAA evicted them we became able to freely move again.

Fawaz Halabi, Trustee – Fadhloun Industrial Area Committee:
We received this area about 2 years ago and started rehabilitating it beginning with the infrastructure, drainage, electricity, now we’re fixing the water network for all the factories.

Thanks to God, life came back to the industry in this area after it was completely stopped 100%. Thanks to God everything is becoming better every day.

Mazen Shabnoun, Head – Fadhloun Workshops owners committee:
This industrial area stretching from Sbieneh Bridge until the Trains Station, it contains half of Damascus’s workshops, and thanks to God and thanks to the SAA, after liberating this area the residents returned and a good leap. Now there are 140 facilities working, about 100 more are being prepared and rehabilitated.

The state has provided a lot, it provided all the utility services to this area. All the infrastructure are provided by the state which it provided generously.

Syrians are longing for the end of the war and the end of terrorism, everyone here is fed up with words of relief and aid, and longed to read the phrase: Made in Syria.

Here in Fadhloun, just like in Adra, Hassya and Sheikh Najjar, the workshops owners are working on fulfilling the Syrians wishes.

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