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Video – SAA Syrian Arab Storming ISIS in Yarmouk Camp

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army Republican Guards Storming ISIS in Yarmouk Camp

This post is to show the video posted by Wassim Eissa of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army Republican Guards unit that stormed the frontline of the world’s filthiest filths in the most condensed residential area in Yarmouk Camp south of the Syrian capital Damascus.

There’s only one army in this whole world that kept fighting double of its numbers over 7 continuous years and never lost despite the betrayals and backstabbing by everybody, and after 7 years this army is still fighting on tens of fronts and still winning.


(Video also available on BitChute:

The world needs to learn high manners, bravery, heroism, patriotism, secular ideology, sacrifice, and love from the men and women of the Syrian Arab Army and its affiliates and allies on the ground.

They have won the hearts of the Syrian people, neither they nor the Syrian people fell for the massive propaganda and threats by the world’s superpowers in the evil NATO alliance, or by the super-rich Gulfies, or got intimidating by the brutality and heinous massacres and crimes by the half a million terrorists imported from all sides of the planet to effect yet another Regime Change in the domino the West started to control the world.

The men and women of the Syrian Arab Army in all their ranks and on all battlefields have shown the whole world what a small nation can achieve when it stands together against foreign forces, however strong that invading force is. These men and women remind the French Frogs how their fathers and grandfathers fought the French occupation for their country until they kicked them out, and how they maintained their independence and will continue to do so.

Our question to the US citizens who sent their children to kill Syrians in the mercenary US Army which Trump has turned into: Would you like to receive your men back like this in Peace:

image-US Military Going Back Home in Peace
US Military Going Back Home in Peace

Or coming back home disgraced for committing crimes against another people thousands of miles away for some money collected from the world’s most retard regimes in Saudi and Qatar and arriving in Pieces:

image-US Military Going Back Home in Pieces
US Military Going Back Home in Pieces


“They fool you, they keep fooling you; they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.”

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