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Syrian Journalist Batoul Mukhles Warar Killed by Moderate Rebels Near Damascus

image - Batoul Mukhles Warar

Syrian journalist, TV and radio presenter Batoul Mukhles Warar was killed today by mortar shelling while on her way to a work in a Damascus suburb.

The daughter of veteran Syrian journalist was heading to work when an Obama’s ‘moderate rebel‘ group shelled Assad Suburb of Harasta northwest of Damascus with mortars killing the young lady and injuring two others.

image - Batoul Mukhles Warar
Syrian journalist Batoul Mukhles Warar klled byou ‘moderate rebels’ in a suburb near Damascus

Syrian journalist body suffered much during the 4.5 years of western and regional stooges ‘democratization’ of Syria through the world’s filthiest filth the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists defined by the regime of Barack Hussein Obama as ‘Moderate Rebels’ and ‘Armed Opposition’!. Syrian TV channel Ikhbariya head office was even attacked by armed herds of the moderate rebels in June 2012, when no ISIS was there except the FSA (Free Syrian Army).

The Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian Armed Forces are battling for the past 4.5 years tens of thousands of suicide terrorists imported from all sides of the planet via neighboring countries especially ‘Erdoganstan’ (formerly known as Turkey) in the north, Jordan in the south, Lebanon in the West and Iraq or what’s left of it in the east. Terrorists even tried coming from the sea in their early days. Saudi Arabia and Qatar spending out their budgets into deficits have taken on their shoulders to promote democracy and freedom speech in Syria after failing to apply any bit of the same into their own regimes. All with the blessings of NATO member states.

Barack Hussein Obama and his legacy will be remembered as the first Nobel Peace Prize laureate who bombed another Nobel Peace Prize laureate and who killed the highest number of journalists, scientists, university professors, university and school students, doctors, civilians attending weddings and funeral proceedings and the US regime with the least number of real terrorists killed at its hands.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Her soul is laid to rest in paradise now. My condolence goes to her family. May God please give her loved-ones the faith and strength to ovecome this pain of loss. And may God please finally bring victory to the syrian sword. God bless Syria.


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