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US Citizens Kill Deputy Head of Ministry of Education in Aleppo

Nobbol Copter

With their tax money and the weapons provided by their government to anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists on the ground, US citizens commit one more heinous crime against humanity by killing the deputy head of ministry of education in Aleppo along with 4 other officials from the ministry, a woman, a child and a helicopter crew over besieged town of Nobbol in Aleppo’s northern countryside.

Barack Hussein Obama’s regime alone has already paid over $510 millions in direct cash as officials publicly stated to the cannibal groups fighting the Syrian state and seeking to install an anti-Islamic Islamist Wahhabi puppet regimes after dividing the country.

Recently and after increased pressure from a group of mad US senators, the US regime and its stooges in NATO criminal alliance and their stooges in the region declared arming the cannibals with more military aid in violation of all international laws and setting the precedent for each country to finance and arm terrorists fighting another country’s government under the ‘humanitarian’ farce.

The terrorists using a thermal missile shot down the helicopter carrying exam paper for the 9th graders in the town besieged since more than a year by herds of terrorists smuggled into northern Syria by the Muslim Brotherhood government of embattled Turkish prime minister Erdogan. In a video released by the same group bragging about their ‘achievement’ shows the copter turning into flames and falling near the besieged town, the film was recorded with a high-resolution camera provided by the criminal regimes of Obama and Cameron of UK. We added English subtitles and uploaded the video again:

(Video also available on BitChute:

This is the 2nd helicopter shot down in the same area in the past 3 days by NATO agents seeking to ‘democratize’ Syria and ‘save’ the Syrian people by killing them, destroying their infrastructure, their heritage and their future. 10 was the initial toll of martyrs due to this shameful attack.

Some US citizens claim they are against their regime’s involvement in these crimes across the planet, but do nothing to stop these crimes, making them accomplice with their silence.

The Syrian education system, which is totally free despite the enormous sanctions by the US, EU, and their stooges, was one of the main targets of the cavemen coming from pre-history to return the only secular country in the region to the darks of ignorance.

Teacher Hussam Muhammad Youssef - Killed in the helicopter shot down today
Teacher Hussam Muhammad Youssef – Killed in the helicopter shot down today

Universities in Damascus, Aleppo, and Homs were shelled by mortars, tens of students were killed, university professors were assassinated along with many members of their families throughout the US-led criminal plot to secure a Jewish state in occupied Palestine and the flow of oil and gas from the region.

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  1. miri

    Anyone who has studied Torah can tell you that Israel is *not* a “Jewish state,” no matter how many times Israel calls itself that.

    • Moshe

      There is no such a race called Jews. Besides, Ashkenazim European so called Jews are not really Semites but former European christian who embraced Judaism 600 years ago. This is a reality they do not want people to know about it . Finally, all middle eastern population (Syria, Palestine, Lebanon) are Semites independently of their religion (christian, Muslim or Arab Jewish). The real Mizrahim Jewish native Jewish consider themselves as Arabs who follow Jewish religion and actually they only are less than 20% of Israeli population because most of them were exterminated by the European to erase the true history .


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