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Zionists Killing Spree in Palestine

Zionists Killing Spree in Palestine
image - Zionists Killing Spree in Palestine
Shoot.. Place a knife.. Take a selfie with your victims.. Get paid for it.

The brave people of Palestine stand by themselves against the worse criminal regimes the world has ever witnessed, is it time for the anti-Christ?

With the world busy promoting and supporting humanitarian criminals in Syria, anti-Islamic Islamists intensifying their control of NATO member state supposed to be secular Turkey, Saudis preaching democracy and human rights to the world from their seat heading Human Rights Council, a whole shaky unstable world, the Palestinians silently continue to get killed systematically by their occupiers the Zionists for over a century now.

Maybe not silently though with western mainstream media promoting their crimes as ‘self-defense’ having armed with automatic machine-guns foreign imported settlers shooting at will at unarmed civilians owners of the land, then the criminals get rewarded with very costly prizes in cash and aid by the Sheeple of the West. Sheeple because they’re willing to cut down their own welfare benefits to support these criminals on the other side of the planet.

The absurd reality: The world’s most retard political, social, corrupt form of governing is now in charge of governing the world’s human rights..

image - Saudis head United Nations Human Rights Council
The Saudis have managed to ‘be-head’ the United Nations Human Rights Council, not a joke!
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