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‘Syrian Civil War’: British Terrorists, US Troops, and Western Hostages!


Syrian Civil War, for more than 8.5 years the Western pundits paint the crisis in Syria as a civil war, really? See how it could be anything else except a civil war.

A Civil War is ‘a war between citizens of the same country.’ Google’s Dictionary says.

Wikipedia puts it like this: ‘A civil war, also known as an intrastate war in polemology, is a war between organized groups within the same state or country.’

Merriam Webster defines ‘Civil War’ as: “A war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country.”

Western Mainstream Media propagandists define the Syrian Civil War’ as: ‘A war waged by foreign terrorists sponsored by other nations against an entire population of a country and their state.’

What is your source for definitions of terms: Dictionaries or very much opinionated news articles?

In today’s inbox alerts I received the following from the New York Times:

Syrian Civil War: British Terrorists, US Troops?
Syrian Civil War: British Terrorists, US Troops, Western hostages?

US troops illegally present in Syria took custody of two British ISIS terrorists illegally smuggled to Syria by NATO member state Turkey who killed Western hostages who also were illegally present in Syria! Where is a ‘Civil War’ in all of this?

Here’s what came up when I searched for: ‘nytimes syria civil war’:

Syrian Civil War: New York Times defies dictionaries and defines the US-led war of terror on Syria as a civil war
New York Times defies dictionaries and defines the US-led War of Terror against Syria as a ‘civil war’, it also uses ‘Experts’.

Here’s a sample of ‘Syrian Moderate Rebels’ and ‘Syrian Armed Opposition’ as described by the Western propagandists taking part in the ‘Syrian Civil War’:

image-Chechen Terrorists in Syria leading Syrian Civil War
Chechen Terrorists in Syria

The above is from the article: Syrian Arab Army Killed 5,000 Chechen Terrorists and Gifted Russia 4,200 More dated January 2017, see how much it’s a Civil War? BTW., this article above has a very interesting video report in it on the Russian Military Police in Aleppo led by a Chechen Army Major who came to fix the image the Syrian people have about the Chechen people.

Oh, did that say ‘Chechen Terrorists in Syria’? But for Western propagandists these are members of the Syrian opposition sponsored by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization to promote democracy and free speech in countries lacking those, no, not in France that is oppressing the Yellow Vests Movement, and not referring to the protests by British citizens against the Regime of Elizabeth the Second which ended up dubbing the protests as ‘London Riots’ and intimidating the public not to protest again by sending two young men to prison for 4 years for the crime of writing a Facebook post calling for a protest that never took place…!

London Revolt Dubbed London Riot - No Rights to Protest against the Government
London Revolt Dubbed London Riots 2011 – No Rights to Protest against the Government – Screenshot from The Guardian.

Western Mainstream Propagandists went on further lengths with their Fake News pioneer the CNN making news in Syria due to the lack of news it was finding of people ‘uprising’.

The CNN actually sent a crew of a ‘journalist’ and former special forces ‘cameraman’ to Syria which blew up a gas pipeline in the city of Homs in the 2012 coldest winter the country witnessed in decades. Their only mistake was they positioned their cameras a day earlier pointed to the site where the explosion would occur, went to make sure the angle is correct, left the cameras transmitting to their headquarters in Atlanta, GA using the Syrian state’s communication system which alerted the engineers of very high bandwidth aired for a long time!

Let’s come closer to our region and see how Al-Jazeera reporters could cover the news of the ‘Civil War’ in Syria. Here’s the post I titled Syria and the Humanitarian Bastards where the Qatari’s state-owned mouthpiece multi-billion dollars Al-Jazeera ‘making’ news station accompanied Al-Qaeda terrorists in kidnapping more than 200 women and children from Latakia countryside and aired the report then tried desperately to wipe their report off the face of Earth after some of the kidnapped children appeared in the infamous Ghouta Chemical Attack:

What would your government do if a foreign journalist enters your country illegally, carries out an act of sabotage while embedded with a terrorist group? Just answer yourself and let that sink in. In Syria, they want us to allow these terrorist journalists in unbothered and when one of them is killed in a crossfire fighting or by the terrorists they embedded themselves with the same NATO terrorists would call on the Syrian state to indemnify the family of the killed journalist terrorist $300 Million. In your own self concioussness, how much should the Syrian people ask the western governments for a compensation for the killings and destructions they carried out in our country based on this judgement?

One would still argue that at the beginning it was a ‘Civil War’ that attracted all these foreign players in their hundreds of thousands who came to the country with the help of NATO and stooges. Don’t worry, we debunked that from the early days. Here’s how it all started in a two episodes invaluable documentary if you really want to differentiate between a ‘Civil War’ and our nation’s struggle against US-led War of Terror:

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad put it this way:

‘A Revolution is usually done by the People not by Importing Foreigners to Rebel against the People’

Do you agree with Assad’s description of a ‘revolution’ and the dictionaries description of ‘civil war’, or would you follow the Western mainstream pundits’ definitions of both? The following two quotes might help you:

Mark Twain: “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”
Malcolm X
Malcolm X: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
Then he was killed.

I hope the readers do not take this post as an attack on the New York Times and Al-Jazeera, no, not only against these two, these are just samples, we also exposed others promoting crimes against humanity in Syria like the mother of all lies the BBC, the LA Times, Reuters the lies distributor agency, the Washington Post, The Guardian, Times, Al Arabiya, to name a few.

If the New York Times and its ilk do not know the difference between a ‘Civil War’ and a War of Terror waged by foreign powers against a country, that’s a disaster, however, if the New York Times and its ilk do know the difference between a ‘Civil War’ and a ‘War of Terror’ waged against a country yet they report the US-led War of Terror against Syria as a ‘Civil War’, that’s a crime against humanity, or in the least: promoting a crime against humanity. To make it softer: covering up for a crime against humanity, or in simple words: That’s their job they earn money from to ‘put food on their tables and feed their children bread baked with the blood of tens of thousands of innocent children spilled on the other side of the planet,’ how very ‘white of them!’

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