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Syria – Lean Days

Sheeple Family

Almost all of NATO’s propagandist media machines aka mainstream media, parroted since March 2011 the same narratives when it came to Syria, starting with it’s a ‘spontaneous public uprising‘, ‘dictator killing own people’, ‘peaceful protesters oppressed’.. You know the rest.

Reporter and journalist, head of Al Alam news channel office in Syria Hussein Murtada, made a short documentary starting March 18, 2011, 3 days after the spark of the Syrian crisis in Daraa, south of the country, when a number of children were reported to be tortured by one of the security branches in Daraa city, those same children we to date do not know their number, ages, names, just no details about them at all except their story is mentioned by the entire world and all quoting each other.

We at SyriaNews would highly appreciate if anybody has a list of the names of these children or a link to a report by the UN mentioning details about them.

(Video also available on BitChute:

Don’t be surprised after seeing this part 1 of this short documentary that you were fooled by your own ‘trusted’ media channels in regards with the Syrian Crisis, they survived thus far on your ‘foolability’!

Part 2 can be found here:

A typical western family following mainstream media
A typical western family following mainstream media

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. – Arabi Souri

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  1. jkortfearing

    Well this is a very interesting documentary. I need to watch it again. The most objective report I've seen about Daraa is actually from Arutz Sheva 7 at from 3/21/2011 called "Syria: Seven police killed, buildings torched in protests" it's one of the closest in date and mentions (very briefly) Assad's concessions as well as the violence by the protesters. Very few people ever mention the fact that peaceful protesters turned into a pretty good army overnight. How exactly did that happen? If the Occupy Wall Streeters had tried to form an army they wouldn't get too far cuz they're against guns. The US Tea Party on the other hand would make a better stand but not for long. Seems like most say its because so many in the SAA defected and I think there's an important story there. Now on the cartoon there should be one for Arabs watching al Jazeera Arabic and al Arabiya via satellite! Westerners aren't the only ones who have been fooled by the media, wouldn't you agree?!

    • miri

      Interesting about Arutz Sheva, begun as a pirate radio station by ‘religious crazies’ (implicated in Rabin’s assassination, too).


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