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Syria, Mali, Gaza Strip: Libyan Arms Fueling Warfare – UN report


A new UN report says that weapons from Libya after the area of Muammar Gaddafi are empowering the radical militant groups, terrorists and also criminal gangs across the Middle East and Africa, while it is also clear that these arms out of the post-Gaddafi Libya reach the hands of jihadists and Islamists, too.

According to this UN report, twelve countries are directly involved in the illicit trade of weapons and it is mentioned that these trades of weapons even include portable SAM missiles. One might wonder where the Libyan rebels got all these weapons from – but the answer is easy. NATO and specifically some European countries like France, England and Germany.

It is still a fact that the most weapons in Libya are still under the control of Libyan civilians, militias, Islamist brigades and other criminal gangs. This is also stated in this report of the UN Security Council (UNSC). Of course, the trade / trafficking of these weapons is a very lucrative business for some sides and also a major security threat to the whole region – although some NATO heads did not really care about this in advance.

According to the UN Security Council, the proliferation of arms from Libya has continued at a very seriously rate and it has even (which was to foresee) spread into a new territory: the Levant, West Africa and even the Horn of Africa. In addition, one can find many weapons from the post-Gaddafi Libya already in Syria, Mali or even Lebanon.

After the NATO bombing of Libya and the targeted killing by the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, which had been performed by the typical thugs of NATO, the weapons which were given to these Libyan rebels, in reality militias, Islamists and criminals, have spread to other countries and the so-called Libyan National Council was never able to get control about these weapons and the trafficking of these arms.

It is even mentioned in the 94-page report by the UN Security Council (UNSC) that there are proven cases, which were and are under investigation, of illicit transfers of weapons and ammunition from Libya in violation of the embargo, while more than 12 countries seem to be involved in this. This serious violation of the embargo include light and heavy weapons – as mentioned, also man-portable air defense systems, small arms and related ammunition and explosives and mines.

According to the UN report, Egypt is facing the heaviest influx of weapons from Libya, although it seems that many Libyan arms have been shipped to Syria, too. Many Libyan arms arrived finally in the hands of militant groups in the Sinai and this poses a serious security threat for Egypt. These Libyan weapons in the Sinai are then smuggled into the Gaza Strip, which is already proven and confirmed.

As stated in the beginning, other destinations of these Libyan NATO weapons include Mali and Syria, but also Somalia (Al Shabab Islamist group). The trafficking of the weapons to Syria was possible by the help of middlemen in Turkey or northern Lebanon, according to the UN Security report (UNSC).  According to the experts of the UN Security Council, and this result is no huge surprise, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had also violated the weapons / arms embargo on Libya during the NATO war on Gaddafi in 2011.

Qatar has denied this, while the United Arab Emirates (UAE) did not respond to these results. Not to mention that a Gulf State like Saudi Arabia was sure also involved. The transfers also involved Armenia, Albania and Ukraine, according to the panel. According to this UN report, another violation of the embargo was the transfer of a drone to the Libyan militias and Islamists by a company from Canada. The Canadian authorities said that this case is currently under investigation, while it would be no surprise if the Zionist administration of Canada has also dirty hands.

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