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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Syria Conflict has No Winner


The known Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a recent statement to the Russian television channel RTVi that the on-going conflict in Syria will have no winner in the end. The Russian FM further stated that Russia has long been trying to calm the situation in Syria but that it rarely has worked.

Sergei Lavrov added in his statements to the Russian television channel RTVi that as soon as there have been the slightest glimmer of hopes, someone immediately tried to do everything which is possible for him (the side) to frustrate the hope and to counteract the attempts to calm the situation in Syria.

And thus, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov seems to be convinced that there will be no winner in the conflict in Syria in the end.

The Russian FM further mentioned that he is not really sure for whom all this is advantageous but that it might be advantageous for many.  Sergei Lavrov gave this example in his statements to the Russian television channel:

For example, for those who would like to see fewer big and influential countries in the region. For those who would like those countries, unless they retain their integrity, to be long involved in addressing the consequences of a terrible war. (Sergej Lavrov)

The Russian administration has repeatedly stated that it does not care whether the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stays in power or not, but that the Syrian people and no foreign powers have to decide about the future of their country.

In addition, Moscow is convinced that unilateral sanctions would create a so-called power vacuum in Syria which only would lead to more violence, bloodshed and chaos.

In the end, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov still thinks that the only method out of the crisis and violence in Syria would be to encourage all the different sides which are involved in this conflict in Syria to stop the violence and to finally come to the negotiation table.

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  1. Fatime

    Russia does not really help Syria. Neither would Russsia help Iran. Russia is watching how the USA is encircling Russia and China and is not willing to take effective, strong actions. Why does Russia help the US-Aggression against DPRK, which, actually, is pointing at China? The USA is acting as a terrorist. And terrorists are not to be defeated by 'good will' and talks – neither in Syria, nor worldwide. Terrorism has to be eliminated by force. But Russia seems to be anxious. Or dumb. The bear sits at the entrance of his cave and watches the crocodiles coming up to him…


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