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External Opposition Wants Weapons

Terrorists in Sheik Maqsoud

The so-called heads of the foreign-backed external Syrian opposition have reiterated their calls for further support by the US administration in their war and terrorism against the secular state of Syria and they still want American weapons, of course.

During a meeting between the US Secretary of State John Kerry and some so-called leaders of Syria`s external and foreign-backed opposition on the sidelines of the questionable G8 summit on Wednesday in London, these dubious heads of the external opposition farce have again called on the US to finally get American weapons from the United States. A senior official from the US State Department has revealed this information, while his name wasn`t mentioned in the report, of course.

This senior US State Department official said, that the US administration is always considering a lot of options and that they will further support this Syrian opposition and help them in every term. At least, so the official, in all the terms of what the US administration is willing to provide for them.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry meanwhile said that the US government is currently searching possible methods to increase this help for the militants in Syria.

This means, to be honest, that the US administration even wants to increase their aid for the armed jihadists, radicals and religious fanatics in Syria and that some of this aid will land in the hand of Al Qaeda thugs (e.g. Al Nusra Front) seems clear.

Official sources have also revealed that the US Secretary of State John Kerry will soon take part in a meeting of the dubious and staged “Friends of Syria” group in the Turkish city of Istanbul on April 20 – while it is no surprise that these Anti-Friends of the Syrian people will meet in Turkey and that the US Secretary of State will take part in this meeting of imperialists and murderers.

Several media reports have already mentioned that the US trains militant groups and radicals for the battles against the Syrian government and army. In addition, it was also indicated that the US coordinates weapons shipments to the foreign-supported militants and thugs.

For example, the Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List published a report about the arms shipments to Syrian militant in March.

This report claimed that about 3,000 tons of arms, which were paid by the Saudi rotten regime and requested by the not-better US administration, have been airlifted from the airport in Zagreb in 75 planeloads to the radical militants in Syria – of course, through Jordan. It is no secret that the Jordan king is nothing else than a slave and traitor.

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