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Syrian Army Kills Al Qaeda Landmines Commander in Aleppo

Al Qaeda Landmines commander killed by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo - الجيش العربي السوري يقضي على همام ابو دجانة المسؤول عن اﻷلغام في جبهة النصرة في حلب

Syrian Arab Army units eliminated a NATO-sponsored top Al Qaeda Levant commander in charge of the landmines ‘sector’ in Aleppo countryside yesterday Friday, 16 June 2023.

An anti-armored unit in the Syrian Arab Army operating in the western Aleppo countryside was following the so-called ‘Hammam Abu Dajanah’ and managed to eliminate him with a rocket while on his way to one of his killing missions near the town of Kafr Nouran in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The rocket was enough to blow up the vehicle of the terrorists and inflict severe wounds on the terrorist responsible for planting numerous landmines that killed scores of innocent people and army personnel so far, the terrorists later succumbed to his wounds.

Al Qaeda Landmines commander killed by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo - الجيش العربي السوري يقضي على همام ابو دجانة المسؤول عن اﻷلغام في جبهة النصرة في حلب
Al Qaeda’s so-called Hammam Abu Dajjanah with his blown-up car

Propagandists for Al Qaeda in the northern region of Syria admitted the successful elimination of their colleagues by the SAA but claimed, as usual, the targeting ‘injured a civilian’ and that “a nearby house was damaged and agricultural land caught fire in the explosion” adding that their other colleagues of the White Helmets extinguished the fire.

Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front, HTS) is NATO Turkey’s largest proxy terrorist group operating in northern Syria and loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan, the Zionist shill of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The notorious White Helmets terrorist group, totally sponsored by states of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance operates only side by side with Al Qaeda Levant and the Turkish Army, they’re nowhere to be seen by the ordinary Syrians except when there’s a massacre, a public beheading, and in storages used to extract human organs for selling through its network of Turkish mafia in partnership with the Erdogan’s family and partners businesses.

Along with the Turkish Army, ISIS, and other NATO forces, Al Qaeda Levant occupies large parts of northern Syria taking Idlib province as their main capital, their super commander the Turkish madman Erdogan uses these terrorists to serve the Zionist movement as he described in his own words that former US President George W. Bush recruited him to carry out a ‘leading role in the Greater Israel Project’ aka Greater Middle East project.

Landmines planted by the various NATO-sponsored terrorist groups including Al Qaeda Levant and its affiliates and offshoots have killed thousands of innocent civilians, mainly children, maimed and disfigured tens of thousands of others.

The United States of America is exerting pressure on the various United Nations and international organizations to prevent any aid to Syria to help demine the regions occupied by its terrorists. In addition, the USA is not releasing the maps where those landmines are planted.

Hopefully, the elimination of this terrorist commander in charge of planting landmines will save some more Syrian children from being blown up to pieces or getting maimed and traumatized for the rest of their lives.

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