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Syrian Army Checkpoint Blocks US Army Column in Qamishli

US Army column in northern Syria - file photo Biden forces oil thieves - الجيش الامريكي في الشمال السوري قوات بايدن لصوص النفط

Local sources reported that a checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army in the Qamishli countryside in northeast Syria blocked a US army column, forcing it out of the region.

The local sources from the eastern countryside of Qamishli told a reporter of the Syrian news agency Sana that a column of six armored vehicles of the US occupation forces operating illegally in northern accompanied by a scouting vehicle of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists was blocked by a Syrian Army’s checkpoint guarding the village of Al-Salhiya and forced it to turn back to where it came from.

During the confrontation, the local sources said several US helicopters were seen hovering over the site of the incident.

US Army troops, basically oil thieves units of the Biden forces, have been trying with the help of their proxy SDF terrorists to expand their areas of operation in Syrian provinces, mainly trying to capture more oil fields and to assist their proxy terrorists in kidnapping Syrian young men and children to draft them in their militia to guard the oil thieves out of fear of the escalating tensions with the locals and within the Syrian Army and its allies.

Most of such attempts by the US army and its proxy terrorists were faced by more resilient villagers supported by Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units deployed in the region to protect the locals from ISIS (ISIL – HTS) terrorists and those from those of the Kurdish SDF and their sponsors.

A reminder, in case some US taxpayers think their hard-earned tax money is helping spread democracy, and freedoms and to force-export the US lifestyle onto the Syrian people, this is the real mission of their army in Syria as explicitly stated by the US commander in chief at the time:

Former US Commander in Chief outlining the mission of the US troops in Syria: ‘keep the oil, I like oil’

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