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US-sponsored Terrorists Assassinate Security Officer in Daraa

Daraa - Syrian security officer assassinated by explosive device planted on car استشهاد ضابط باﻷمن السياسي بدرعا بانفجار عبوة لصقت على سيارة أجرة

A Syrian security officer was assassinated by an explosive device placed on a taxi car in the city of Daraa, an official source in the Ministry of Interior stated.

“A sticky explosive device placed by unknown persons in a public “taxi” car exploded at ten in the morning while it was passing near the industrial roundabout in front of the Industrial High School which led to the death of a member of the Internal Security Forces and the burning of the car completely,” the ministry’s official source said in its statement.

The ministry identified the martyr as Honorary First Lieutenant Muhammad Juma Al-Ahmad.

Remnants of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists continue to carry out their terrorist attacks taking advantage of the safe zone provided to them by the US army from their illegal military base in Al Tanf.

The Syrian Arab Army liberated most of the southern region in 2018 and liberated the city of Daraa last year, the terrorists who joined the reconciliation process returned to their normal lives, and those who refused to join the reconciliation were shipped to Idlib and other parts of northern Syria, while the most radical ones fled to the area where the US military base is in Al Tanf.

The US Army in Al Tanf has set a 50 kilometers perimeter zone to protect their illegal base which also hosts Maghawir Thawra terrorists, an ISIS-affiliated group that enjoys massive funding, supplies of weapons, and munition, medical aid, and logistical support from their US army sponsors.

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