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Updates: US Stealing Oil, Kurdish SDF Murder a Syrian Young Man

Soldiers of Biden Forces - Oil Thieves Brigade in northern Syria - file photo

US Army continues stealing Syrian oil when the Syrian people are in dire need of every drop of it, the US proxy Kurdish SDF terrorists murdered a young man, kidnapped his two brothers, and turned their town into a military zone.

The US army illegally operating in Syria have escalated their theft of the Syrian oil from the oil fields they control with the help of their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in the northern provinces of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Hasakah, yesterday, 13 August 2022, local sources reported an additional 88 tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil headed to Iraq through an illegal border crossing.

While the US army is busy stealing the Syrian oil, wheat, and other resources, their sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists continue their war crimes against the Syrian people in the regions they occupy, yesterday they killed a young man, kidnapped his two brothers, and called in reinforcements to manage to flee the town of Tel Barak.

The following is yesterday’s news roundup by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel with English subtitles followed by the transcript in English:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


Local sources in the Yarubiyah countryside reported that the US occupation forces took out a convoy of 89 tankers packed with stolen oil to their bases in Iraqi territory through the illegal Mahmoudiya crossing, designated for stealing oil from the Syrian fields, two days after it stole a similar convoy of more than 140 tanks.

The Chinese newspaper, China Daily, considered that the United States has become more brazen in its crimes of theft against many countries of the world, as is the case currently in the theft of Syrian oil, which is a shameful matter for Washington.

The Chinese newspaper mentioned in an article that the American forces continue to steal Syrian oil and transfer it to Iraqi lands. It is easy to understand the fact that US troops steal oil from Syria, as theft has long been their profession. noting that this shows that the American greed for oil will not stop.

The newspaper pointed out that this looting and robbery negatively affects the people of the countries whose wealth is being stolen by the United States, as we see in Iraq’s high rates of poverty despite the country’s richness in oil, in addition to what the United States has done of stealing gold and shipping it outside the country after the invasion that took place in 2003.

And the Chinese newspaper added in its article: If we take a quick look at the previous American record, it shows that Washington has increasingly escalated its looting of people. When it stole from Vietnam, these acts were committed under the pretext of interfering and providing assistance, and after the events of September 11, 2001, Washington sent its forces to Afghanistan under allegations of the fight against terrorism, however, it generated more terrorism there.

Crimes of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists:

Militiamen of the Kurdish SDF stormed a house in Tel Barak district and shot a young man who tried to escape from them, which led to his death instantly. The sources pointed out that the militia’s gunmen kidnapped two of the victim’s brothers and brought in large military reinforcements to the area where there is a state of anger and tension among the people as a result of the militia targeting their sons and perpetuating its criminal practices against them.

Local sources said that the people cut off the main road between Al Geneina and the rest of the area’s towns, and set tires on fire at the roundabout junction, calling for a halt to kidnappings, the release of children and young men, the expulsion of the American occupation, and the exit of the militia from the area.

The sources pointed out that a number of people from the area who are in the ranks of the militia declared disobedience and joined the people in their protest demonstrations.

Deputy Head of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim, Rear Admiral Oleg Golovov, stated in a statement that three cases of bombing by the Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization (Al-Qaeda in the Levant) were detected in the de-escalation zone, where two attacks were recorded in Aleppo governorate and one operation in Idlib governorate.

End of the transcript.

Soldiers of Biden Forces - Oil Thieves Brigade in northern Syria - file photo

Not only the US army is stealing the Syrian oil, occupying Syria’s main gas fields, and helping Israel bomb the country occasionally, the Biden’s most diverse and inclusive junta continues their unilateral coercive measures (wrongly dubbed as sanctions by the ‘collective west’) against the Syrian people and third parties dealing with the Syrian state and the Syrian people, effectively imposing a blockade on the country.

The US stooges in the European Union, the UK, Canada, Turkey, Israel, and the Gulfies are accomplices to the crimes of the USA against the Syrian people applying the same measures against the people who have done nothing during their entire history to harm any other nation. The crimes include and not limited to sponsoring all sorts of terrorists in Syria including Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front aka HTS) and its offshoots of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) and a host of terrorist groups in addition to the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    They won’t stop until they get stopped. Sadly, our people in the Jazira area are under too much Saudi influence and they’ll wake up when it’s too late, and it’s already too late.


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