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ISIS and Israel Kill and Injure Civilians in Quneitra and Daraa

landmine explosion Syria file photo Al Qaeda - ISIS - FSA

ISIS and Israel continue their crimes against the Syrian people with today’s killing and injuring of a woman, two children, and two other civilians in the provinces of Quneitra and Daraa in southern Syria.

Starting with ISIS, the US-founded, sponsored, and later claimed to be fighting against the Al Qaeda offshoot has killed a woman and injured two children by a landmine explosion on the road connecting the villages of Barga and Eldili (Al Dalli) in the northern countryside of Daraa.

A group of civilians was moving on the road between the two villages mentioned above when a landmine was detonated killing a woman and injuring two little girls, the casualties were taken to the hospital as reported by the Syrian news agency Sana without elaborating on the severity of the wounds.

Landmine explosions cause severe injuries like blowing off limbs, and deep burns, and not to lessen the traumatic effects of the impact and later dealing with the amputated body parts, a lifetime of suffering for the victims and their families.

The landmine detonated earlier today in the Daraa countryside was one of the tens of thousands of landmines planted by the numerous US-sponsored terrorist groups operating under the FSA banner, including Al Qaeda Levant and its ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) offshoot which the western media and officials continue to call them ‘moderate rebels’ after 11.5 years in the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people.

Member states of NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, who collectively and individually sponsored different terrorist groups in Syria refuse to handover maps of the landmines their proxy terrorists planted in all the areas they infested all over Syria and are impeding the work of UNMAS, the United Nations service body tasked to help countries clear landmines and explosive devices.

Israel bombs Syrian territories injuring civilians

Israel, the sole beneficiary of the US-led wars in the region, shelled the outskirts of the village of Al Hamidiya in the southwestern province of Quneitra injuring two civilians.

The victims of the Israeli tank shelling in today’s afternoon were taken to Mamdouh Abaza Hospital for treatment from the wounds which covered different parts of their bodies, a source in the hospital stated, adding that their situation is now stable.

Naturally, the US-led falling apart empire of lies and evil will blame the Syrian people for living within their borders and the Syrian state for carrying out its duties to serve its people for these and all other deaths it caused and the havoc it wreaked in the country by its direct bombing, occupation of land or by its proxies including Israel and ISIS. If the Syrian people stop resisting the US will and accept a puppet regime as other peoples did around the globe, they would be living in peace, they need to accept western corporations take control of their resources and western liberalism dictate their lifestyles.

Israel acts as the launchpad for the collective west’s hegemony ambitions in the region in a mutual parasite relationship in which the collective west rids themselves of their Jewish citizens and dumps them into Palestine to fulfill a biblical prophecy, remember: “you don’t need to be a Jew to be a Zionist” as what Joe Biden recently reminded us of his ideology dictating his foreign policy, and maybe to a large extent the domestic policies of his, and his ilk in other western countries.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    I don’t think anybody doubts after all these years that ISIS is an Israeli or at least a US proxy, ISIS never attacked Israel, Israel never attacked ISIS, they both with the USA attack the enemies of ISIS and Israel.


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