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Syrian Army Eliminates 25 Foreign ISIS Terrorists in Idlib Province

ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorists eliminated by the Syrian Arab Army SAA in Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army SAA eliminated a group of 25 terrorists of the suicide bombing division of ISIS in the Idlib province in a qualitative operation yesterday, a military source told the Syrian news agency, Sana.

A group of 25 terrorists of several foreign nationalities from the US-founded and sponsored ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorist organization tried to sneak toward the village of Jawbas in the eastern countryside of Idlib in the northwest of Syria coming from the Al Nayrab (Al Nerab) area, the terrorists were plotting a blowing-up operation against the civilians and the Syrian army units protecting the civilians in the targeted area, the military source added.

ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorists eliminated by the Syrian Arab Army SAA in Idlib

The SAA unit carried out a counter qualitative operation in which it managed to eliminate the terrorists, most of who were either killed or injured, the SAA unit managed to withdraw a number of bodies, confiscated their weapons, and dismantled the explosive belts they had prepared for detonation, the military source concluded.

Idlib province was described by a US top official as ‘the last stronghold of Al Qaeda’ yet the regime of NATO member state Turkey continues to overtly support the terrorists of Al Qaeda and its variants and offshoots including ISIS in this province to the extent of sacrificing thousands of the Turkish army soldiers to provide protection for those terrorists who are holding up to 1.8 million civilians under their control.

Contrary to the several agreements signed by the Turkish madman Erdogan and the presidents of Iran and Russia in which Erdogan obliged to disarm and remove the terrorists from the north of Syria, he beefed up the terrorists with more anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi fighters, massive quantities of weapons and munition, and funding even when his country is facing an economic meltdown.

The terrorists in the regions occupied by the Turkish army continue to carry out their attacks against the cities, towns, villages, and farmlands liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies over the past years, and the Turks have not fulfilled a single of their commitments articulated in the agreements signed with the Iranians and Russians within the Astana framework.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    God bless our super heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and the security men, I hope we didn’t sustain any casualties and it was a clean operation.

  2. Walter Alif

    I’m sorry to say but Idlib should be razed, maybe it’s the only way to wipe HTS / Al-Nusra out of Syria (Assad’s father would have done it as he did with the Muslim Brotherhood in Hama in 1982), most of those who live there are almost all terrorists of the worst kind, in addition to strongly anti-government Syrian citizens, in short, it will be difficult to retake Idlib, some experts say that SAA will only resume the territory adjacent to the M4 (it will not go further) so now many think that Idlib is lost forever, the Turkish areas of Syria will be absorbed by the Turkish state or they will become a pro-Turkish state called “North of Syria” which will obviously be a Turkish vassal, indeed there is already talk of changing the provincial capital from Idlib to Marat al-numan or Khan Shaykun.


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