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Syria: Oil Pipelines Sabotaged in Tartous Marine Terminal

An oil leak in the Baniyas Marine Terminal on Saturday led to the discovery of the sabotage of 6 pipelines, averting an environmental disaster in the Mediterranean. The sabotaged pipelines were those which connect to ships transporting crude oil to the refinery. Baniyas is one of Syria’s two refineries; the Homs refinery was bombed in the winter of 2012.


Syria’s Petroleum & Mineral Resources Ministry issued a statement on Sunday that divers, engineers, and technicians immediately began repairs upon assessment of the damage to the undersea oil pipelines. The Ministry anticipated the terminal would be quickly operational.

AP managed to squeeze out a blurb about this terrorist attack, this attempt to further destroy Syrian infrastructure, which was picked up by a scant handful of outlets.

This atrocity comes on the heels of the restoration of the Tadmor power grid, the torching of Syrian wheat fields by the US-run terror militia ‘SDF,’ increased economic terrorism ‘sanctions,’ and the recent Mad Hatters tiny meeting to unveil the fake Trump Heights on Syria’s Golan.

Coming at the beginning of the summer season suggests sadism added to the malevolence, as — like most people — Syrians flock to the beaches in the hot weather. A seaside devastated by an oil flood would wipe out such simple enjoyment.

Syrians enjoying their Mediterranean beach.

On 23 December 2016, the US/EU/NATO-backed savages who had stolen control over the Souq Wada Barada village, dumped diesel oil into humanity’s oldest water source, the al Fijah spring, polluting the water source to Damascus’ 5 million persons. They threatened to destroy the entire infrastructure of this water supply, and did blow up a portion of it.

Expert in bombing Wadi Barada infrastructure after poisoning al Fijah spring

Those acts of terrorism were readily performed by the primitive barbarians.

The destruction of undersea oil pipelines required much greater skills than shown by the death squad Helmets when they donned scuba gear to chillingly recover the body of a Syrian boy — whose corpse had not yet floated — 0.25mi/0.04km from a river bank.

Though two neighboring regimes have engaged in every possible hideous war crime against Syria, it is likely that Saturday’s terror attack on Syrian oil, and on the sea, was a collaborative effort.


The rogue, colonialist Britain, France, US, and Belgium all have their filthy spec operative illegals on the ground in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Kudos to the quick-acting Syrian undersea engineers who averted an oil disaster when terrorist saboteurs destroyed pipelines at the Bayinas Marine Terminal on Saturday.

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