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Damascus Motor Show Reopens After Years of Forced Closure

Syria Damascus Siamco Auto Manufacturing Factory - Motor Show

Video Report by Al-Manar TV: After a long period of closure due to the war circumstances, the Motor Show reopened in the Exhibitions City, Damascus Countryside.

The exhibition presents a chance for the car dealers, the assembling companies and the spare parts manufacturers in Syria, which didn’t cease operations completely despite the years of war in the country.

Video report by Lebanese Al-Manar TV, most likely blocked in your country to promote ‘free speech’. – Video also available on BitChute:

Exhibitor – Saipa Cars: We’re very glad for the return of Motor Show, it’s related to us, working in the car business, directly, we prove yet again and as usual high dynamics and interactions by us the manufacturers & all auto companies in general, and by the customers, thank God there’s an excellent turnout for the exhibition.

Exhibitor Adaa Motors: Motor Show exhibition includes a number of Syrian companies and factories which started after the crisis to supply the Syrian market with its needs of cars after the blockade and strict sanctions imposed on us.

The exhibition launch’s main feature is it challenges the blockade on several levels, the blockade that aims to paralyze the economic movement for a country healing from war and needs to move its business cycle and the money circulation. Assembling and producing cars making it ready for driving is a commended achievement by the Syrian companies.

Exhibitor: The cars are good and its maintenance is good, the companies are excellent, thanks to God, and all the services are available in Damascus.

Exhibitor: Our cooperation with Iran to produce the cars spare parts during the crisis was the biggest challenge, all of our cars brands and its spare parts are domestically produced by either Syria or Iran, there’s not a single part from elsewhere.

The exhibition is not limited to modern passenger cars but also includes trucks, transportation vehicles, buses, heavy trucks, trains, and railways.

The Motor Show here is to fill the void in the Syrian market manufacturing, assembling and selling cars.

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