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Syria and the United States-Controlled Arabs, and the Arab League

The Arab League without Syria is without Arabism

Syria has fought back and majorly won against the US-led war of terror and war of attrition waged against it for the past 10.5 years, the sad part is most of the harm came from the other Arab League member states, especially those directly controlled by the United States of America like the Gulfies, and to lesser harm by the silent independent Arabs like Algeria, perhaps only Algeria has not stabbed Syria in the back.

After failing to take over Syria despite trying everything, and due to its own rising problems and trying to take the fight to larger and much more capable new foes than Syria, the military contender Russia and the economic super horsepower China, the United States is now leading its satellite European countries away from the Arab region. It did manage to make some Arab countries recognize Israel but failed largely to secure Israel on the account of the Arabs, those who recognized Israel have been aiding the anti-Jewish Zionist state for decades, yet the Israelis will never feel secure on the stolen land until their real threat is removed, that is Syria, the cornerstone of the Axis of Resistance.

Unable to maintain its ongoing war of terror against Syria using all sorts of its proxy terrorist groups, and as its immoral blockade against Syria has also harmed Lebanon which its Hezb Allah managed to break the siege with the help of both Iran and Syria, the USA is now looking for other methods to contain the losses and leave.

The following report was part of yesterday’s talk show on the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel, it sums up the latest developments:

The video is also on BitChute and YouTube.

The transcript of the English translation of the above report:

A new scene and remarkable transformations were recorded with the appearance of the Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal Miqdad, from the podium of the United Nations for the first time since the war was launched against his country; an indicator that should be stopped at, but it is not sufficient to ascertain the reality of the intentions of the West and America, especially that Damascus is steadfast in the strategy that has long been the reason for launching aggression against it.

The West in general is certain of the failure of its battle with Syria, and it has tried for ten years by all means to overthrow the regime in Damascus, and pragmatism requires bending over and finding different paths. Perhaps the diplomatic channels opened by its Arab allies with Damascus is one of them in a new attempt to distance Damascus from its Arabic nationalism and its national position in the heart of the axis of resistance.

Numerous meetings took place between Syrian ministers and their Arab counterparts before, and Minister Miqdad’s meeting with Egyptian Minister Sameh Shoukry, meetings that express a political climate that must be awaited for its development and its outcome, and not bet entirely on it.

Washington, which imposes a siege and tightens sanctions on Syria, covers Israel’s aggression and subjects Lebanon to a war of starvation does not offer free concessions, every step has its accurate calculations within the framework of its vision for the Syrian arena and the region, and if it has reluctantly accepted the transfer of Iranian fuel through Syria to Lebanon, with what this means in violation of Caesar’s Act because it is unable to react negatively on the ground, despite its haste to move to contain the positive impact of Hezb-Allah’s decision, and the cooperation of Syria and Iran to end the Lebanese distress.

End of the transcript.

Among the hosts in yesterday’s Al Mayadeen evening talk show was a former Egypt’s ambassador to the Arab League, the man still speaks in pre-2011 perspective and understanding of the world and showed complete ignorance of how Syria and its allies have won against the USA and its axis of evil in West Asia; if that is still how the Egyptian leadership thinks, their approach is doomed to fail.

Egypt has always played a very negative role in uniting the Arab world, this didn’t start with the 1959 unity between Syria and Egypt in February 1959 during the days of Egyptian Leader Gamal Abdul Nasser, it lasted only a little over 3.5 years and failed after the Egyptian leader Abdul Nasser appointed to govern the ‘Northern Region’ Syria acted as an absolute dictator and sidelining all the political parties in Syria and the top officers in the Syrian Army then, this led to the re-forming of the political parties in Syria that disbanded itself in favor of the unification with Egypt and to declare cessation in September 1961.

Baath Party tried to revive the union with Egypt and other Arab countries, Syrian late President Hafez Assad went to the extent of devising a war plan with the Egyptian president Sadat to regain the Syrian and Egyptian territories stolen by Israel during the 1967 war, instead of continuing with the plan as agreed and achieving clean victory, the Egyptian president Sadat stabbed Syria in the back after the first few days leaving Syria to fight the United States Army with what was left of the Israeli forces on one front, yet even with this treason, Syria managed after long months of a war of attrition to liberate parts of its land, notably the city of Quneitra.

Sadat was assassinated and his deputy Mubarak came to power during his days the cooperation between Egypt and Israel reached ultimate levels for no good for the Egyptian people, or the Palestinians, or any of the other Arabs. During the high tensions between Syria and Turkey which led the Turkish regime in 1989 to push its full army toward Syria’s northern borders, ironically all over the Kurds who are now betraying Syria, the Egyptian President Mubarak went on a ‘mediating’ visit to Ankara and literally told the Turkish leaders: ‘Go ahead with your plans against Syria and the Arabs will support you,’ shocking his hosts, he then went to meet President Assad in Damascus and told him ‘not to fear from any Turkish invasion, I’ve convinced them to solve the problem friendly.’ Mubarak was hoping the Syrian leadership will drop its caution and relax the Syrian Arab Army which will allow an easy invasion for the Turks!

During the past decade, it was the Egyptian anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi who declared Jihad – Holy war – against Syria, for Israel, which later cost him his presidency and he died in prison, and it is the current Egyptian leadership that is majorly blocking any attempt for the Arab League to bring back Syria.

Observers of the war on Syria know very well that Qatar and Saudi were the main financiers of the terrorist groups in Syria, Turkey under the hypocrite and enemy of Islam Erdogan is the main facilitator of those terrorists, Jordan in the south played a heinous role as well, Tunisia in northern Africa sent thousands of its young men recruited in terrorist groups to kill Syrians, and the other Arabs were either silent or contributing politically in the war on Syria that started in March 2011, who won at the end? Syria paid a hefty price to achieve its victory over not only all of those ‘Arabs’ but also their NATO sponsors and over Israel, this came with notable help from the Lebanese Hezb Allah party after 2 years of the war when it found itself also a target of the war, and Iran after an additional year, and Russia by the end of September 2015.

To steal Syria’s legendary victory from the Syrian people and to make Syria dump its allies in exchange for Arabs recognizing Syria after the steadfastness of the Syrians shifted the whole global balance, helping Russia to re-emerge as a global power and helping China’s national security, taking the biggest blow on behalf of Iran and allowing countries around the world from Venezuela to North Korea to stand up to the US hegemony, this is a dream for them and for their handlers in Washington. Yes, Syria has suffered much, now all of Syria’s enemies are suffering more, the Turkish regime of the madman Erdogan is the biggest loser seeing his followers lose in every country they took over, while Syria started to regain its territories and started rebuilding.

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    Do the Syrian people realize how GREAT their WIN against unbelievable odds, is?

    Syria was one of the 7 countries the UNITED SNAKES of AMERICA was supposed to defeat on behalf of the ASHKENAZI Zionist Semitic-Pretenders nd INVADERS, in PALESTINE

    Long live the Syrian people and their battle for what is RIGHT and GOOD

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    It’s a shame that the rest of the Arab states need orders from the USA dictating their policies especially toward Syria, whatever their reasons are, it’s just a big shame.


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