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Dutch Court Sentences Two Syrian Refugee Brothers on Terrorism

Rotterdam Court - Netherlands Holland Dutch Europe

A Dutch court convicted two Syrian brothers for being members of a terrorist organization in Syria prior to moving to the Netherlands, apparently, members of terrorist organizations are sponsored by EU member states when they kill Syrians in Syria but when they move to Europe they get punished!

The two brothers, 44 and 35 years old, were sentenced to 15 years and 9 months and 11 years and 9 months in jail for holding high command positions in the Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant now known as HTS between the years 2011 and 2014.

People were tortured and killed at the hands of the Nusra Front in Syria, inflicted civilian casualties, and contributed to armed conflict and chaos that prompted millions of Syrians to flee the country, the court said in its ruling last Monday 20 September 2021.

This verdict, while very obvious to any observer, is remarkable as it counters the narrative constantly parrotted by NATO stenographers is that only the Syrian state and the Syrian Army are behind the displacement of the Syrian refugees both internally and abroad, they blame the Syrian army officers and soldiers of killing their family members and destroying their own houses while Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the other terrorist groups are in Syria to protect families from their fathers and brothers, even sisters who serve in the Syrian armed forces!

SAA Brother, sister martyrs
Sister and brother officers in the Syrian Arab Army. Both martyred defending Syria, in Syria, by foreign pathogens.

The sad part is many Europeans and USAians do believe this nonsense and are actively contributing to the killing and suffering of the Syrian people based on their understanding.

The court added that the two brothers came to the Netherlands and were subsequently granted asylum, and one of them had a false passport and is now also guilty of possession.

The brothers were under the Dutch police’s surveillance for several years including wiretapping the brothers’ phones and monitoring their moves and connections, their phone conversations were used in the investigations that led to the verdict.

Their love for movies exposed their cover, another Syrian recognized one of the brothers at the ‘De Balie’ center in Amsterdam during the screening of a film about the war in Syria, the authorities were notified.

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  1. Salaim. Barchine

    They claim Assad is killing his own people
    yet the country is FULL OF FOREIGN FIGHTERS FROM SAUDI PAKISTAN LYBIA ETC ETC.The people Syrian Army are killing is the OBVIOUS FOREIGN FIGHTERS SUPPORTED BY USA UK FRANCE EUROPE.Yet there are stupid gullable idiots who believe the NONESENSE CNN GUARDIAN AL JAZERA and others continue to publish

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    These terrorists victimize the Syrian people inside Syria and blame their victims for their suffering to find asylum in the countries that sponsored their terror in the first place, then again play victim in their host countries endangering the real refugees who fled their terror in Syria, how disgusting are they and their direct sponsor Erdogan and each NATO member state and other countries that helped them, very disgusting and evil.

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