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Chinese Night Tigers Special Forces Arrive in Syria

image-Chinese Night Tigers Special Forces in Syria

A number of the Chinese elite special forces known as Night Tigers arrived at Tartous port a few days ago, sources claim.

Lebanese news site al-Mayadeen linked the visit by Syrian presidential advisor Mrs. Butheina Shaaban to Beijing last month and the existence of a number of members of the East Turkestan Islamist Party in Damascus countryside.

Syrian presidential advisor Mrs. Shaaban expressed the Syrian government’s interest in Chinese president Xi Jinping’s One Belt One Road initiative during a meeting with Chinese minister of foreign affairs Wang Yi end of last November. Mrs. Shaaban praised the initiative as it will help eliminate humanity from wars and conflicts and to build a secure future where people feel they’re in one world and equal in dignity and humanity.

Chinese minister Mr. Yi praised Syria’s efforts in fighting terrorists especially the ‘East Turkestan Islamic Movement’. The movement is Turkish president Erdogan’s legacy in destabilizing China as it receives his full support, like all terrorist groups operating at NATO’s command against targeted countries. The terrorist group has carried out more than 200 terrorist attacks in China since 1993.

Terrorists from East Turkestan Islamic Party fight in the ranks of HTS or Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) against the Syrian state and have been spotted in Damascus Countryside.

Chinese Army has been regularly sending military advisors to Syria since the mid-2016 visit of Chinese Rear Admiral Guan Youfei, deputy director for the Chinese Defense Ministry’s foreign affairs to Damascus and his meeting with Syrian minister of defense General Fahd Jassem al-Freij.

Al Mayadeen adds that Syrian authorities have approved the dispatch of 5000 Chinese servicemen to the country.

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