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Syria – Lebanon’s Jusiyah Border Crossing Re-Opened

image-Syria - Lebanon's Jusiyah Border Crossing Re-Opened

Thanks to the tremendous efforts and the heroic actions of both the Syrian Arab Army and Lebanese Hezbollah group, the crossing between Syria and Lebanon in Jusiyah was reopened yesterday.

Throughout the first 3 years of the Syrian crisis, and maybe before, anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists of Lebanese-bred and those imported from ‘Arab Sprung’ countries like Libya and Tunisia and even from Egypt, used the official and illegal crossings between Syria and Lebanon to smuggle large herds of terrorists and their weapons into Syria.

The smuggling was often done under the supervision of officials in the Lebanese government and different political parties under the so-called 14 March Alliance or Current. Terrorists confessed to receiving logistic support from a particular Oqab Saqr, a Lebanese MP living abroad and reporting directly to Saad Hariri, Lebanese current Prime Minister and head of the Future Movement, the leading party in the 14 March Alliance.

Syrian Arab Army and Lebanese Hezbollah fought a difficult long war with terrorist groups on both sides of the borders and paid huge sacrifices to eradicate the terrorists from all the areas alongside the 375 kilometers of borders with plains and rigid terrains.

Over 30,000 Lebanese live on the Syrian side of the borders especially near and around Qussayr, and Jusiyah border crossings will relieve their suffering in staying in contact with their families across the two sides of the borders. Along with Jusiyah Border Crossing in the Baalbek – Qaa Highway, there are 2 other legal crossings and one more in the plan to be established.

Lebanese current government does not encourage any talks with the Syrian government citing Syrian authorities alleged crimes against own people, but in reality, it’s because of their feelings of guilt over their contribution of committing the crimes against humanity through the terrorist groups many members of the Lebanese government including their prime minister have supported. Thus, the celebrations of re-opening the Jusiyah border crossing were held separately on both sides of the borders.

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