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Saudi Prince Bandar: Sponsor of Violence Against Syria

Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:

Syria Ambitions: Prince Bandar triggers troubles for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Director General of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, who had a meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in last week and this meeting was certainly the reason for the upcoming rumours about the attempt of the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan to bribe the Russian administration and Putin in terms of the Russian stance on Syria, becomes a problematic figure of the House of Saud and for Saudi Arabia as country.

The Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan is said to have offered a huge arms deal as well as economic benefits to Russia in case the Russian administration and especially the President Vladimir Putin changes its stance towards Syria and will, for example, not use its veto right at a next voting on a Resolution by the UN Security Council (UNSC) in terms of the Syrian conflict. In addition, Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan shall also offered the promise to Vladimir Putin in the alleged four hours long meeting between both that the gas from the Gulf States will not compete with the Russian gas deliveries to Europe. However, one will believe such rumours, others do not.

A new report about Saudi Arabia and the ambitions of the totalitarian dictatorship and especially the intentions of Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan in Syria says that the Director General of the Saudi Intelligence Agency (since middle of 2012) is becoming a problematic person for Saudi Arabia because the Saudi Prince has actually turned into a commander of armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus.

For example, a new report at al-Akhbar says that the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan regularly travels to Turkey in order to manage the flow of weapons, ammunition, and backup forces (further human resources from Arab jail houses and from radical groups in other Arab countries) to Syria and one can expect that the Saudi Prince is coordinating these events and plans with the Turkish leadership and especially with the leading party of Prime Minister Erdogan, some call him already a gruesome dictator, for good reasons.

However, just like Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is a good friend of the Israeli regime and a good boy for the West. Thus, there is (so far) no need for a staged “Arab Spring” in Saudi Arabia. (There is a “real Arab Spring” but willfully overlooked by the West.)

According to this report, the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan also goes to Jordan very often in order to persuade the Jordanian security agencies with incentives in order to cooperate with him against the secular Syrian government in Damascus.

However, the Jordan king is already on the pay roll of Washington, and thus, it is questionable whether the security agencies really need new incentives to cooperate with the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia against the secular nation of Syria. In addition, many events in the last two years have already confirmed that Jordan is among the terrorist supporters.

The report says further that the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan is actually the only member of the House of Saud (totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia) who has a proactive diplomatic as well as violent approach against Syria – with an access to the huge decision-making capitals of the world, from Moscow to Washington.

As mentioned, Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has recently visited the Russian capital Moscow to carry out talks with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in terms of Syria. The report states that the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has negotiated with Vladimir Putin in “his capacity as the Prince of the Mujahedeen” in Syria and this also includes the jihadists and Islamists from Dagestan, Chechnya, and the Caucasus in Russia’s backyard.

Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:
Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:

There are already many armed jihadists from Chechnya fighting in Syria alongside the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot (Jabhat al-Nusra / al-Nusra Front) and according to several statements, it is said that from Dagestan alone, more than a hundred armed fighters are enlisted in the al-Qaeda-linked “Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar” (brigade), which is operating in northern Syria near the border to Turkey and probably responsible for several crimes against Syrian civilians and Syrian Kurds in the region.

However, Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan (allegedly) becomes a larger problem for Saudi Arabia. According to a report, the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan himself represents a more and more bigger problem for Saudi Arabia.

Unlike the usual diplomacy pursued by the totalitarian dictatorship in order to cover up their support for terrorism on the globe and their destructions of historical Islamic places within their small Gulf State in order to build gas stations, hotels, and supermarkets, the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has not only very unrealistic expectations about his intentions with and in Syria, but he also is conducting his policy more and more in a public level.

Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan still hopes that he is able to completely implement his plans and the ambitions in Syria, and thus, he is said to still support the violence and bloodshed, carried out by jihadist forces and terrorists on Syrian soil, without any hesitation or a conscience. It has been eight months that he has stepped up his support to the armed terrorist and jihadist groups fighting in Syria against the secular government and President al-Assad in Damascus in order to reach what Bandar thinks is a balance in the armed battle, although his supported terrorist groups have meanwhile killed a seemingly endless number of Syrian civilians.

Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan wants, at least, a balance in the clashes in Syria between his supported jihadists and terrorists and the Syrian Arab army (SAA) so that the armed terrorist groups will finally be able to gain ground again and to have the so-called upper hands at the end of all the battles within the Arab nation.

Thus, it is possible that armed gangs of jihadists and terrorists could grab the power in Syria. However, the Syrian Arab army (SAA) gains more and more ground currently and wins the majority of the clashes against both sides, against the Al-Qaeda branch (e.g. Jabhat al-Nusra) as well as the Saudi- and Washington-backed terrorist groups.

In the end, such reports are an interesting read and it is certainly true that Saudi Prince Bandar is a dangerous and power-hungry person. However, just like the attempts to bribe the Russian government and Vladimir Putin in terms of Syria, one should raise questions about such reports all the time, while it does not matter where these reports come from.

It`s not only due to the Arab and Indian partiality for fairy tales, but also because in such situation and wars – all sides rely on propaganda and lies in order to justify their acts and also to influence the people. Finally, the winner of such times is able to rewrite the history books. As usual.

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