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Chechen President: Foreign Services Recruit Young People to Fight in Syria

Best friend of the Western governments - a jihadist terrorist.

The Chechen President made a new and important statement when he said that specific foreign special services (probably the CIA and others) are trying to recruit young Chechens in Chechnya in order to let them fight alongside the terrorists and Islamists within Syria. The Chechen President Kadyrov said exactly, that these “young people from Chechnya” are “recruited by foreign special services to fight with the Syrian opposition”.

The President of Chechnya said further in his latest statement and accusation of specific foreign special services that it would be no secret that the “so-called opposition in Syria acts under the guidance of foreign special services”.

Kadyrov, President of Chechnya, also said the following afterwards in his statements from today:

“No one even tries to hide it. Naturally, young people coming to Syria from Russia are a delicacy for them. One tries to recruit them. And one cannot be sure that such kind of recruiting will not be then directed against Russia.”

He also rejected the opinion that there is anything similar like a “sacred war” within Syria because, as he explained today in his recent statements in terms of Syria and the recruitment of young people from his country in order to let them fight and die alongside the terrorist groups and jihadists there, that “there is an action clearly planned by external forces to overthrow the regime, destroy the country and liquidate its armed forces.”

Kadyrov, President of Chechnya, further mentioned in his statements that there are several people from Chechnya currently in Syria and that, according to the data of the official ministries in Chechnya, already five or six people from Chechnya have died so far in Syria.

Kadyrov said the following after he mentioned that about 5-6 people from his country already died within Syria while they fought on the side of the jihadists and thus, under the led of foreign nations and religious radicals:

“In the name of what? For the sake of what and who? It would be better if they stayed at home, helped their parents, raised their children, work and study.”

President of Chechnya Kadyrov finally said further important and correct statements today – for example, here are further quotes of his latest statements about Syria and the so-called “jihad in Syria” and how wrong and stupid all this is, while it is manipulated and staged as well as boosted by foreign powers.

In addition, the conflict and level of violence within Syria is triggered and due to the evil aims of specific foreign nations and companies – with the help of so-called religious people who are finally nothing more than slaves and thugs or uneducated fools. It makes no sense to mention Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the both Zionist-loving rotten kingdoms and families, again.

“The problem of the former participants in the Syrian events may be very acute, if one returns from there alive, which is rather doubtful. It cannot be fully solved by our special services and police.

First of all, one should show on TV what ‘the Syrian opposition’ is, what it seeks and what its attitude is has to Islam.” (Kadyrov)

Kadyrov finally said this:

“Our Muslim theologians say that there can be no signs of jihad in Syria. Both parties use weapons. There is a fight for power and resources. And the opposition is under the power of those who fund it, ship arms and ammunition, and send military experts.”

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