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Egypt: Thousands of Islamists Call for Jihad Against Syria

NATO Islamists Declare Jihad

According to new reports, thousands of stupid Islamists rallied in the dirty Egyptian capital Cairo on Friday in order to support the dangerous and dumb calls of some so-called clerics for a holy war and thus, jihad, against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, while this is either not the real meaning of a jihad nor a holy war, but just a very stupid behaviour and shows the lack of intelligence within the heads of all these Islamists in Egypt.

The so-called clerics are nothing else than Wahhabi and Salafi tools, who finally follow an Israeli-American agenda. Nothing new in Egypt.

The rally in Egypt’s capital Cairo took place outside a mosque where the Saudi “preacher” Mohammed al-Oreifi called in his speech for a “jihad in the cause of Allah in Syria”, of course. As mentioned, it is Wahhabi/Salafi-Propaganda and educated people in Egypt, and there are some of these people, should know that this statement of this Saudi terrorist is far away from the meaning of Islam and that it is not related to the real meanings of jihad.

But this speech and call as well as the Saudi influence in Egypt’s capital Cairo shows clearly that the so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt was either a huge fakery or has not yet implemented anything good in the brains of many very religious Egyptian people who are blindly following their sheiks and clerics without activating their own brains. Probably it is about time for a real “Arab Spring” in Egypt, without American influence and the European methods to gain benefits of it afterwards.

The Saudi terrorist Mohammed al-Oreifi, who would have been jailed in a better world, urged his dumb worshippers in front of the mosque to “unite against their enemy” and thus, he called on them to fight against Syria.

While some Syrians might answer, let them come and see, the people in Egypt should start to think about this call and the Saudi goals with and in Syria and the links to Israel, the United States and that this demand in front of a mosque has nothing to do with the meanings of Jihad. It is the misuse of religion as it is known by Saudi Arabia for years – similar to the misuse of religion by the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood since it was established years ago.

The “very well educated” protesters in Cairo yesterday, most of them bearded and wearing the traditional white galabiya, which is no real surprise, shouted such stupid phrases like “there is no God but Allah, and Bashar is his enemy.”

This shows again that they are far away from any logical thinking and too religious, which is honestly very dangerous because they are getting easily misused for worldly goals and that is what is happening. As stated, these people in Cairo deserve another Arab Spring and when we are honest, they probably need much more of these “Springs” to come clean in their heads.

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