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Iran Elects a New President

Hassan Rowhani – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iranians are electing a new president, so what?

The Iranians moved from a super dictatorship, he called himself the Shahanshah ‘King of Kings’, into a democracy through a religious movement lead by late Ruhollah Khomeini from his exile in Paris in 1979. They call it a democracy and we should accept it’s a democracy if we to accept European and British Kingdoms as democracies despite having the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in charge of the Army, Foreign policies and the country’s broadest strategies including the nuclear program. I hope you don’t buy that thing about a king doesn’t rule in those countries, why are they there living with their families on the account of the people as parasites?

But for non-Iranians, what does it really mean and why the western countries calling themselves ‘international community’, are so much concerned and get themselves involved each time the country runs a presidential race by a systematic media and political campaigns as if the coming president would change the course of the country from an anti-Israeli to a pro-Israeli stance as what the western backed ousted dead despot Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, sorry Shahanshah was? The answer doesn’t come of course from the western powers concern about promoting democracies in other countries than their own, they just find it an opportunity to infiltrate the difficult-to-infiltrate country through instigating riots. Well, Not this time, the Iranians were well prepared for that.

Hassan Rowhani (left) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (right)
Hassan Rowhani (left) – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (right)

Whether a reformist, a conservative, an independent or whoever reaches the presidential seat in Iran will have no direct effect on foreign policies nor on the nuclear electricity power program process or any strategic positions of the country, he will be carrying out the top executive job in the country executing the policies drawn by the board/s higher than him, and there are a number of them like the Parliament, the Guardian Council of the Constitution, the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership and Expediency Discernment Council of the System, as an example.

Rest assured, nothing will change and don’t get bothered for what happens in another sovereign country across the planet that has nothing to do with you neither directly nor indirectly. You may want to ask your politicians to find more proper ways to spend your taxes, education and healthcare are 2 good examples to start with.

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  1. Zoran Ovuka

    No differencies between the democracies in the US and Iran. While the mullahs in Qom set the policies in Iran, the mullahs in CFR set the policies in the US, that the prez must follow. Otherwise the paid stooges in NED and AEI will come down hard on him.


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