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Saudi Arabia: The people want the fall of the House of Saud

Protest in Saudi Arabia against the dictatorship

On Thursday evening there was a demonstration in the city of Qatif (Al-Qatif) in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The protesters participating in the demonstration in Al-Qatif showed several interesting posters and banners.

One of these banners showed the written words “The people want the fall of the House of Saud” and meanwhile there are also several videos of the protest in the Saudi Arabian city of Qatif (Al-Qatif) in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia with its totalitarian dictatorship online at YouTube and other video platforms.

“Our primary goal is the overthrow of the House of Saud, the clearing of the land of their filth, and the establishment of a new democratically elected government,” say the activists of this demonstration against the House of Saud.

And of course, otherwise it would also be desirable that the widespread slavery in this state, which is privately owned by the family of Saud, is abolished and that women receive the same rights as men in Saudi Arabia after the fall of the House of Saud and the election of a democratic government.

The demonstrators and their families dare many huge risks by carrying out such large demonstrations against the House of Saud. They have to expect to get tortured and killed by the dictator and its henchmen or to be imprisoned for decades for these protests.

Given the situation and the conditions, it is obvious that the Western community of values, with all mass media and politicians leading the way, are showing a clear line of solidarity with the dictator and his henchmen.

The mass media of the Western community of values ​​follow the strict line to ignore these peaceful protests for basic human rights and democracy in Saudi Arabia and they do not report about the peaceful protests against the House of Saud and the totalitarian dictatorship, the mass media keeps it dead quiet and under the carpets, although many journalists of the Western mass media are on location.

Politicians of the Western community of values, such as the German politician Thomas de Maizière, prefer, however, the right to remain silent about the protests for human rights and the demands for democracy in Saudi Arabia, while they deliver robust German tanks to the slaveholder family of Al-Saud for the crackdown of such demonstrations, because this serves the security of Israel and the solidarity with Israel`s security is a reason of state in Germany.

Sources: Images and videos by @safwani_7ar, @QatifRev and @FREEDOM_QATIF.

Source: nocheinparteibuch

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