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Saudi Arabia offers Russia economic incentives if it cuts Syria support

Saudi Prince Bandar and Russian President Putin. The photo is old, but the two know each other.

Saudi Arabia offers economic incentives to Moscow if Moscow stops its support for Syria.

The totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia has offered Moscow several economic incentives, including a major and huge arms deal as well as guarantees about gas, in case when the Russian government decreases its support for the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the secular Syrian government in the capital, Damascus.

This is not the first time that something like this is reported and one is able to read about Saudi Arabian offers to other nations in regards to their support for Syria and the Syrian government. There were similar stories already during the last year and even some reports about out-and-out bribes by Saudi Arabia as well as Qatar in direction of several Syrian and Russian officials.

The offer by Saudi Arabia to Russia allegedly includes, as mentioned, a major arms deal and a promise to not further challenge the Russian gas sales if the Russian government decreases its support for Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and his secular government in Damascus.

At least, this attempt of a bribe by Saudi Arabia in direction to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration in Moscow has alleged taken place, according to several sources from the Middle East and some statements by Western diplomats. Although it is very questionable whether such sources and Western diplomats would be informed about such an attempt by the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia to bribe the Russian administration in regards to their supportive stance on Syria and the Syrian government, including President Bashar al-Assad.

In addition, the Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have always explained that their stance and support for Syria is not about one person or the support for President al-Assad, because they do not really care about al-Assad. Russia supports Syria for different reasons and this is the reason why the bribe by Bandar bin Sultan (Arabic: الأمير بندر بن سلطان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎), the new Director General of the Saudi Intelligence Agency since the middle of last year, will not work (and has not).

As stated, in case Western diplomats have heard about such attempts by the totalitarian dictatorship in (of) Saudi Arabia in direction to Russia in terms of their stance on Syria, the Saudi dictatorship must have carried out such attempts to bribe the Russian leadership in a very amateurish style or their “circles” just talk too much, which would not really surprise. Gulf style, you know.

According to the reports about the offer by the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia to Moscow, the proposed deal and bribe was set out by the dangerous Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan at a meeting with Russia President Putin in the Russian capital last week. And it’s true, both have met in Moscow last week. However, other sources have explained the meeting was more about the topic how the Saudi prince Bandar can leave the stage of the terrorist supporters without losing his face or to trigger problems for Saudi Arabia.

Of course, in a case when the Russian leadership, led by President Vladimir Putin, would give in to such economic offers and benefits by Saudi Arabia and enjoy such a large arms deal with the totalitarian dictatorship, some call it the House of Saud, then the situation at the UN Security Council (UNSC) would dramatically change – despite the still maintained stance by China in regards of the Syrian conflict.

However, one can be very certain about the situation that the stance of Russia in regards to the Syrian war / conflict / crisis will not change and especially not by such an (alleged) attempt of bribe by the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud.

According to sources from the external “Syrian opposition”, which are said to have close ties to the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia and what is certainly true because their new “President” is the Saudi slave who has won against the Qatari slave at the last so-called presidential elections of the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC), the Saudi prince and dictator Bandar offered to buy Russian weapons and ammunition worth about $15 billion as well as he has alleged promised that the Saudi gas and the other gas from the Gulf States (for example, Oman is subordinated to Saudi Arabia in order to maintain a secure state in the region) would not compete with the Russian gas supplies to Europe (Gazprom and Co.). However, Qatar is still there and sure has something to say in such a situation, especially at the current situation of Qatar.

As stated, the Saudi leadership wanted and still wants Russia to decrease and ease its support for the Syrian government in Damascus as well as for its President, Bashar al-Assad – at least, according to the sources. In addition, Russia should agree to not block any upcoming resolution on Syria at the UN Security Council (UNSC). And there we are. China is still here, stays calm and quiet as usual, while the Chinese are acting in the background.

Saudi Prince Bandar and Russian President Putin. The photo is old, but the two know each other.
Saudi Prince Bandar and Russian President Putin. The photo is old, but the two know each other.

China is probably the player of this scene who is maintaining a publicly “Bugger me!” stance in terms of the other players (and it knows why and we know why it is able to…), while it maintains the protection of a certain level of equilibrium on the international level. In addition, one thing is certain in regards to China – Syria is also a red line and this even when one does not hear much from China.

The rumours about the attempt of Saudi Arabia to bribe Putin and the Russian leadership in terms of their stance on Syria also say that a source from the Gulf, who is familiar with the matter, has already confirmed that the Saudi Prince Bandar offered to buy large quantities of arms from Russia in case when Russia does not use its veto right at the next resolution on Syria at the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Further, a Lebanese politician, alleged close to Saudi Arabia (which is already suspicious somehow, isn’t it?), has stated that the meeting between Prince Bandar and Vladimir Putin lasted about four hours and that the Saudis at home, in their small but dangerous Gulf State, “were elated about the outcome of the meeting.”

The spokesman of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr Dimitry Peskov, could not be reached so far. In addition, the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia did also not respond until now. However, further alleged diplomats in the Middle East said that the initial response by Vladimir Putin to the attempt of bribe by Saudi Prince Bandar was inconclusive – it seems the rumours are the same thing, inconclusive.

Source:  PressTV

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      What? I’m scratchin’ my head over this one. The US government is the greatest threat to US security; al Qaida doesn’t bother my sleep, but our own government scares the sh*t outta me.

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