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SAA Regiment 93 Intact – Raqqa

Helicopter from the Syrian Arab Army

NATO propaganda channels known publicly as mainstream media both in its western versions or their Qatari Al-Jazeera or Saudi Al-Arabiya and in one more chapter of their desperate attempts to maintain the dwindling morale of their ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria, aka Al-Qaeda Levant, FSA, Nusra Front, whatever, parroted systematically the same narrative that regiment 93 of the Syrian Arab Army located near Turkish borders in Raqqa countryside and precisely near Ain Eissa town was defeated and the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists are in full control of the region. Syrian state TV liked to deliver a discrediting slap to all of them at once and dispatched a crew to the hottest locations claimed lost by the propagandists and had this report, with English subtitles:

(Video report also available on BitChute:

Such are the news your NATO member country prevents you from seeing about Syria, to maintain their mainstream media narrative, banning Syrian based media online and taking off Syrian Satellite channels off air in their quest to promote ‘freedoms’ in Syria including ‘Freedom of Speech‘.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad when casting his vote in the new constitution referendum February 2012 said: ‘They might be stronger than us in (virtual) space, but we are stronger on the ground and we will win both the ground and space.‘ He was referring to the systematic media campaign against Syria with the term ‘space’.

The Syrian based media was also targeted physically and virtually by all means of attacks, Syrian reporters were assassinated, kidnapped, tortured, their families threatened, and Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel studios in Damascus countryside was attacked by herds of ‘free speech’ promoters killing 3 journalists and 4 of the station’s guards on June 27, 2012.

EU and the Arab League ordered Hotbird and Arabsite satellite managing companies to take off Syrian TVs, then they wonder why the vast majority of Syrians are not joining this ‘spontaneous public uprising‘?!

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