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Who Controls Syrian Jordanian Nassib Border Crossing?

Qaeda fighter

The USA, the country bragging to have the best technologies, strongest army and prints its own money out of thin air, keeps complaining and stands incapable of controlling its borders with its southern neighbor Mexico, even when it had hundreds of thousands of troops and mercenaries in Iraq it kept complaining about fighters sneaking in from neighboring countries.

Syria, the small country surrounded by Israel from all sides, as one of the analysts once said, has very long borders with its neighbors which 1 of them is a NATO member state, another has more control over NATO than all of NATO member states together, and the other 3, sadly Arabs, are controlled by the same masters running Al Qaeda FSA terrorists inside Syria.

On the southern borders, Jordan, the CIA controlled country which runs training camps for thousands of ‘freedom fighters’ and smuggling them into its northern neighboring supposedly brotherly country, NATO propagandists were reporting that the herds of terrorists have controlled the official border crossing at Nassib between the two countries.

Not that border crossing points cannot be taken by terrorists with advanced weapons and a wish to kill, but why the need for lying to their public when this particular crossing is totally under the Syrian government control and the entire Damascus – Amman highway is secured by the Syrian Arab Army? Yes, I guess you might have figured it out: raise the moral of their defeated Wahhabi Sex Jihadist mercenaries, or who’s left of them and what’s left of their moral.

Hussein Murtada, the heroic reporter from Al Alam TV in Damascus visits the Syrian – Jordanian crossing borders at Nassib, south of Daraa, taking the Damascus – Amman highway and bringing back this report, which we added English subtitles to:

Worth noting that Mr. Murtada was directly targeted several times by those wanting to spread ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in Syria, and fighting the ‘evil’ and ‘brutal’ government in Damascus, he was shot twice by snipers, ambushed more than once, explosives were detonated under his TV cars, and one of his colleagues Maya Naser was killed by a sniper in Damascus. This might explain why NATO propaganda channels need to resort to lies to promote their evil plans.

Sample of a Wahhabi Sex Jihadist fighting to establish Freedom and promote Democracy in Syria
Sample of a Wahhabi Sex Jihadist fighting to establish Freedom and promote Democracy in Syria

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