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Terrorist Recruits for Syria: Police Arrests Sharia4Belgium Leader


Belgian police has raided homes because of evidence about connections with recruits for the groups of terrorists and jihadists in Syria. The police in Belgium stormed about 46 homes in the city of Antwerp (northern Belgium) and according to the official statement by the Belgian police; at least one person was detained.

This man was detained for allegedly recruiting some “volunteers” (jihadists, terrorists) to fight side by side with the foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists against the secular Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army in Syria.

The Belgian authorities have already published the statement that the detained man was the leader of the so-called group “Sharia4Belgium” – Fouad Belkacem. Thus, it is no surprise that such a person wants to recruit persons for the foreign-backed fight against the government of the secular President Bashar al-Assad in Syria in order to succeed in the establishment of the so-called sharia law in Syria.

This so-called uprising, which is just a cover for the proxy war against Syria and the attempts to overthrow the Syrian government and President Assad by force, was never secular or peaceful. Religious fanatics, Islamists and jihadists are a huge number among the other less educated gunmen and wilfully mercenaries – backed by foreign governments.

Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, the United States, France, England and also Germany support the armed terrorist in Syria and thus these administrations violate international law on a daily base and have already Syrian blood on their hands.

Belgium: Police raids – Sharia4Belgium leader arrested

According to a spokesman of the federal prosecutors in Belgium, there are indications that the suspicious non-secular group “Sharia4Belgium” was sending individuals to Syria in order to join the armed terrorist groups there. So far, the prosecutors in Belgium have declined to confirm that others, beside the (probably Islamist) Fouad Belkacem, has been arrested.

The group “Sharia4Belgium” is a known group of Salafists and thus it always has been a dangerous group for every secular state and society. In this case especially for the Belgium people, of course. In addition, as stated, it is clear that these radical Salafists want to overthrow the secular President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

After the usual behaviour and propaganda by the Belgium government, it is finally a good act by them and the Belgium police. Such Salafi groups (Salafist groups) are a threat for every secular society and every state – thus, they have many similarities with the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood.

The title “moderate Islamists” was invented some years ago – in order to better sell the connections with the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood to the European citizens. But there are no “moderate Islamists”. This is just a cover and a propaganda term to make the connections to the dangerous “Brotherhood” sound better for Europeans and Americans.

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