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SAA Eliminates a Terrorist Group in Hama’s Northern Countryside

SAA Armored Vehicle

A Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit confronted and eliminated a terrorist group in the northern countryside of the central city of Hama, Syria.

The terrorist unit was sneaking into Hama’s countryside from the southern Idlib countryside which is under Erdogan’s terrorist militia groups commanded by Nusra Front.

One 4 wheel drive vehicle carrying terrorists was spotted by the SAA unit coming from southern Idlib countryside through the road connecting Al-Habitt town (77 kilometers southwest of Idlib) with Al-Jissat village in the northern part of Hama countryside.

The SAA unit targeted the terrorists-loaded vehicle and destroyed it, all those on board were eliminated with their weapons.

Dozens of such attempts to infiltrate the towns in northern Hama’s countryside were foiled by the Syrian Arab Army units operating in the region since the implementation of the Idlib Agreement to demilitarize a zone in around Idlib province between Russia, Iran, and the Erdogan Regime.

No clue how the Russians and Iranians, guarantors of the agreement, would trust that the regime of Erdogan would actually commit to such deal, they have been THE essential tool in destabilizing Syria since the very beginning and the Turkish regime under Erdogan has breached each article of the Adana Accord with the Syrian state. Erdogan turned his country into a hub for terrorists from all sides of the world and into a launch-base to attack Syrian facilities and people during the past almost 8 years.

Erdogan forces were supposed to complete their task almost 2 months ago and failed and the Russians have given them extensions to the period they only committed themselves to within the Idlib Agreement. Under this agreement, the Erdogan Regime would finish separating the foreign radical terrorists from the local terrorists and Russian military police would patrol the demilitarized area until the issue of the tens of thousands of foreign terrorists in Idlib would be solved by their patron states and removed from Syria.

Meanwhile, those same terrorists under the protection and command of NATO-member state Turkey, are now arming drones with chemical weapons to launch them against Syrian towns and accuse the Syrian Arab Army with it as a pretext for NATO to invade the country they couldn’t control, and will never.

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