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Putin’s Latest Favor to Israel on the Account of Syrian Blood, Bad!

Russia President Putin and Israel War Criminal Netanyahu

Russia is one of the main allies in the war against the NATO-sponsored terror, there’s no doubt in that. Russians have also paid by blood in this war in their military personnel, as well as in their diplomats ranks, something unimaginable in any confrontations, that price paid was not just for the sake of Syria’s president, or the Syrian people, or even protecting International Law, one of Russia’s main duties as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council; Russia positioned itself in a leading position in the axis fighting terror to defend Moscow and other Russian cities from the terror that would visit them if not stopped in Syria.

Furthermore, the Russian involvement in Syria has given Russia a very rare chance to regain an international presence and move up from a regional power into an international power, not to mention the boost of Russian arms sales and the much-needed battle experience in all terrains, one real battle is worth dozens of drills.

Russia, as well, is the main supplier of old outdated weapons to the Syrian Armed Forces, though old and outdated but much needed as Syria doesn’t have many options shopping around in the world due to US sanctions. This is an undeniable fact that all Syrians feel relieved, to an extent, that they would, at least, have enough weapons to defend themselves from terror and terror sponsors.

Russia’s role, however, as much as it is praised by the Syrian people, cannot be considered a carte blanche to operate at will in Syria, as if Syria was a Russian province or republic, without the Syrian state’s consent and definitely not on the account of Syrian blood, for whatever cost or goals it deems beneficial for Russia.

The delivery of the remains of an Israeli IDF terrorist to the world’s current bloodiest criminal Netanyahu for electoral support for him is not, and will never be, accepted by the Syrian people, let alone the Syrian leadership.

That Israeli IDF terrorist was killed in combat with the Syrian Arab Army in the famous ‘Tanks Massacre‘ in the Lebanese town of Marj Sultan in the Bekaa Valley 1982, while his state was invading another country, Lebanon, and his unit were trying to reach the vital Damascus – Beirut Highway in order to divide Lebanon completely and maintain an open corridor for future aggressions against Syria from the west.

Russia Re-Gifts Israel a Tank Syria Gifted to Russia captured by the SAA in the Battle of Sultan Yaqub, Lebanon's Bekaa Valley - Tanks Massacre Battle.
Russia Re-Gifts Israel a Tank Syria Gifted to Russia captured by the SAA in the Battle of Sultan Yaqub, Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley – Tanks Massacre Battle. Not sure whether re-gifting is a tradition in Russia?

Syria paid a hefty price saving Lebanon from the Israeli invasion and helped the small country regain its occupied land by the year 2000, then stood firmly supported the Lebanese resistance party Hezbollah which stood alone facing the Israeli aggression in 2006.

The price Syria paid to stop Israeli aggression in blood, suffering from international and regional isolation, then sanctions, then ‘War Of Terror’, needs to be taken in consideration in any political move, and especially in political gambling by the Kremlin.

“If Russia supports Syria against the well-organized plot to destroy it by the West (aka Arab Spring), all the country will pray for Mr. Putin’s health.”, the words conveyed by Putin’s military advisor Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov from President Bashar al-Assad in 2011, ‘the words that pleased Putin’.

Syrians are very sensitive, emotional, and grateful to who extends a hand to help them, they’re also very sensitive, emotional, and can easily become suspicious to who tries to play games on their account, top it up with the fact that Syrians are very smart, as proven by the current crisis where the West and stooges needed to import hundreds of thousands of terrorists from all sides of the planet to further their plot when Syrians didn’t fall for it, Syrians can sense easily any betrayal and can hate as much as they once loved, it’s not easy to handle them when it comes to their principals.

Putin told his buddy, who likes to stab him in the back, Netanyahu: “We are very happy that they will be able to give him the necessary military honors at home,” and added: “What is more important… his friends and family will be able to bring flowers to his grave.”

Well, what about the fallen Palestinian martyrs their bodies were stolen by ISIS and Hamas in order to identify this IDF terrorist? What about the thousands of Palestinians and Syrians in Israeli detention who also have families waiting for them and they were not detained attacking another country, they were captured on their own land? Mr. Putin, any sympathy for those?

Mr. Putin should be very careful when acting in Syria, most Syrians see their sacrifices in this current crisis were and are not only to save their country but also to save their allies, especially Russia and Iran from the same fate they’re facing. Syrians rejections of imposed solutions were very loud even when their state was at its weakest point. This could be seen in the rejection of the proposed Russian constitution for Syria, the rejection of a ‘federal’ Syria, the rejection of recognizing ethnic and religious based groups, which Russia was shoring up especially the Kurds and the Muslim Brotherhood-led opposition at some time, and many other examples.

Syria has officially refuted Mr. Putin’s claims that the Syrian military helped their Russian counterparts in retreiving the remains of the Israeli IDF terrorist, and in helping smuggling it out of Syria.

A media source on Thursday said that Syria has no clue about the Israeli soldier’s remains and that what has happened is new evidence confirming cooperation between terrorist groups and Mossad.

The source added that there is not any information about the whole matter and whether there are remains or not.

SANA, April 4, 2019

Russia, at one point when cleaning the Yarmouk Camp from ISIS and its Hamas supporters, established a temporary checkpoint which was thought of by Syrians to be for demining and securing the area, last of their thoughts it would be for using intel from Israel which it in turn obtained from ISIS to remove the remains of the Israeli IDF terrorist.

Information available is that the remains of several bodies were removed from the ‘Yarmouk Martyrs Graveyard’ in order to identify all the Israeli IDF terrorists the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command captured and buried in this graveyard in order to exchange them with prisoners held captive by Israel.

In 1986, the PFLP-GC managed to exchange the remains of several IDF terrorists with the release of 11,000 Palestinians who were held captive by Israeli forces illegally and for long. The deal was through Libya’s slain leader Gaddafi who was killed by his newly made friends the French, and Bulgaria. These remains were kept for the further bargaining in order to release thousands of Palestinian, and even Syrian children, women and men held captive by Israel now.

Israel IDF Terrorists Kidnap Palestinian Young Boy
Israel IDF Terrorists Kidnap Young Palestinian Boy

The free favors Putin is giving Israel on the account of Syrians and the Arab main cause the liberation of Palestine should stop, they are already too much to be digested even by the most ardent supporters of Russia in the Arab world, and especially in Syria. Russia has already failed in its gambling on Turkish Erdogan, even after saving him from a military coup, so how does Putin think Netanyahu, who caused the killing of 15 Russian servicemen onboard of the IL20 Russian plane, be grateful to his gesture if he wins the elections?

Mr. Putin: Trump and his ‘Swamp‘ will not give you a seat at the already doomed ‘Deal of the Century’, this deal is the last nail in the coffin in any stabilization effort in the MENA region, and beyond. No Arab leader can be in a position to give the legitimacy needed in this deal, no one can afford such a betrayal, even Sadat, if resurrected, could not; so stop dreaming if that’s what you were thinking of.

As much as we praise Russia’s late direct involvement against the US-sponsored ‘War Of Terror’ in Syria (Russia came in at the end of September 2015, 4.5 years after the War Of Terror commenced), and as much as we appreciate the delayed deliveries of the old and outdated weapons Russia delivers to the Syrian Arab Army (while giving Syria’s foes more advanced weapons), Russia which gained its credible and praised positive role by Syrians can find itself losing all credit very fast if it thinks it can use the Syrians as pawns in its chess-gambling international games.

This is not a call to break up any alliance against terror, or beyond, with Russia or to belittle the Russian military and diplomatic sacrifices in Syria in this international fight, it is a call for Russia to be more attentive when dealing with Syria and the Syrian people’s principles. Mr. Putin has a very good chance in correcting this horrible mistake by securing the release of all Syrians captive in Israel and all the Palestinian women and children held by the apartheid regime of Israel, through his buddy Netanyahu. The time frame of this is not long enough for any end game, this mistake has to be corrected within days, and maximum a month, whoever wins in Israel’s elections.

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