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Open Letter to President Obama

Akela Husseinowitsch Obama



by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

Mr. President, do you remember these words?

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution of the United States.”

Did not you, the Constitutional lawyer, recite them, not once, but twice, take this oath? Might you please explain how the bombing of Syria, scheduled to begin, today, when the U.N. inspectors leave Damascus, will help in the promotion of the general welfare, of the United States population?

Is it not enough, Mr. President, that while you have overseen the dismantling of public schools in our country, and the ripping to shreds of the social services safety net for U.S. citizenry, you have already sent more than $815 million to the barbarian mercenaries deployed to destroy Syria?   How did your Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, manage to state that “the president of the United States is elected with the duty to protect the national security interests in the United States of America” [1] at the recent press briefing, without his nose growing several meters, as Syria does not, and has not, been a threat to U.S. “security interests”?

Sir, can you please explain how it is possible, that you, with the intelligence capabilities of the most feared and rabid country in the world, might be totally ignorant of the geopolitical situation in Syria, while I, a mere layperson with mere internet access, might offer decent political analyses of the situation?

How can you not know that U.S. taxes, instead of going to improve decaying U.S. infrastructure and/or a productive jobs program, has gone to behead dozens of Syrian citizens, blow up university professors in their cars, assassinate internationally respected sheikhs – and their grandsons — in mosque, at prayer,burn down centuries-old souks, commit massive acts of cultural genocide loot Syrian factories, launch chemical weapons grade attack against the population of Khan al Assalblow up engineering students and architectural students, in the midst of their studies, in separate terrorist attacks, and acts of literal cannibalism, to name a mere few of the bottomless pit of atrocities that have battered Syria, since the NATO and Qatar and Saudi and Israel proxy war against this country began, almost three years ago

How were you able to applaud McCain’s illegal entry into Syria, to break bread with his kidnapping and cannibal friends (imagine a foreign politician sneaking into the U.S., to meet with “rebels” murdering your population, and trying to assassinate you!)?   How did you miss your co-Nobel Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire’s report on her tour of Syria and Syrian refugee camps in Jordan?

How do you ignore NATO’s own research that reports 70% (seventy) of Syrians support their country, and their President al Assad against the terrorist invaders?  [2]  How do you use YouTube videos uploaded by these mercenary forces, as justification to finalize the destruction of Syria, while ignoring the YouTube video of the terrorists in a lab in the Turkish border, killing two rabbits with what appears to be VX, an actual nerve agent (GB has not been used by the Wahhabi sex Jihadists, against Syria; weapons grade chlorine has.  The GB propaganda was begun by Israeli intelligence, and regurgitated by globalized Vichy urinalists).

Keev? Mr. President, keev?

How do you rear two adolescent daughters while spending private time with your “Kill List”?  [3]  How do you ever kiss your children while running death squads against the Syrian?  How do you justify your own barbarity to them?  Prior to the beginning of our heinous proxy war, Syria had no enmity towards US. [4]

I am a U.S. born, U.S. citizen who has never seen anything other than genocide committed by my country, throughout my not too-long life time.   How do you forget we were founded as arepublic, not as a satrap of the British empire whose “royalty” we shed our own blood for which to rid ourselves?   Dr. Franklin and my distant cousins who fought fascism in World War II, are all rolling in our graves, for what the US has become, a hideous abomination. 

Though pleasantly shocked that the Cameron regime will not be joining your impending atrocity, it appears that Francoise Hollande (who, by the way, really could use a new colorist, to get rid of that shoe polish shine) will be joining you.

Funny how the countries who have used chemical weapons against civilian populations in the past [4] can destroy other countries, under the excuse that these countries have done the same, is it not?

A plague on your houses, Mr. President, if you bring your slowly genocidal, covert attack on Syria out of the closet.

Allow me to also quote your former minister, the Reverend Wright, whom you un-remorsefully threw under a bus:  “Goddamn America.  Goddamn America.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

Real Leaders of Wahhabism
Real Leaders of Wahhabism

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  1. Arklight

    Then The Big B.O. accepted the presidency of the UN, he vacated any claim to the office of President of the United States; even if he were a US citizen, from that time forward he has occupied the office as a fraud. It’s time for regime change right here in Uncle Sugar. In my opinion, of course.

  2. Canthama

    Great letter and I trully believe it is the sentiment of most Americans with good sense. Wish this spirit may spread broadly through the US. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Arklight

      Hi, C. I think that about the only ones who are hot for war besides a few politicians and the weapons ‘biz’ are the Obamabots and Kool-Aid drinkers. I don’t personally know anyone who thinks that the US has any business messing around in the area at all. Anywhere. At all.

  3. Benjamin Festus

    The only thing I want UN to do is to remove Syria president from power so that there will be peace in Syria, not to go and begin to kill the people of Syria. Then they will now elect new president.

    • Arabi Souri

      And you want that in your capacity as what exactly? NATO member citizen or Al Qaeda member? That’s their goal from the beginning to remove Dr. Assad and install a puppet from their agents and if they can’t drag the country into chaos on the basis of ‘non transparent elections’ as we saw in all the other countries.

    • Arklight

      Benjamin, you need to do more research on current events in Syria, the players both inside and outside of Syria, and the causes of the ‘uprising’. The UN cannot, lawfully, depose by acclimation the head of State for a sovereign nation. The Syrian situation is a real pot mess, as the Poms say; there are only limited ‘simple’ solutions, with UN not prominent among them. One of the aspects that is oversimplified is the casualty figures. Very rarely are they broken down into SAA/NDF casualties, citizens killed by enemy action outside of direct combat engagement, citizen casualties accidentally inflicted during engagements between SAA and enemy units, etc. There is a blanket fiction promoted that SAA killed 100,000 citizens, which is far from accurate. Quite often folks who research the situation provide the forum with fresh views in one area or another, which is appreciated. Welcome to the Forum.

  4. Petrus

    La mano oculta detras de la invasion esta a la vista y los EE.UU . han demostrado
    a la opinion mundial que no tiene limites y algo debe pasar , para decir basta .
    LA INVASION ,, tiene mucho sentido , para ocultar como cortina de humo
    la bancarota financiera del sistema actual . Pesar por los miles de seres humanos
    que mueren sin razon y sentido .-

  5. Jimkok

    Most of us have been following the agression of the US towards the middle east countries, including Afganistan all in
    The Name of Democracy, Protection n Security to American n the world at large. In the Name of the many things that
    SEEM so grand n noble to showcase to the world that they are the Big Brother that dictates n protects. SEEM so ??
    As a common citizen of this world, I m deeply disturb by the accusations n actions by these so call Super powers of
    the west, that common sense doesn,t seem to prevailed for them. As in the past, history tells us all Wars Mongers
    always have their reason to invades or conquers n their Tag Line is always ” In The Name Of ” whatever their alteria
    motives are. For now I m feeling very sad with all that is happening around the world Esp. In Syria, I can only defense
    you in my heart n thoughts , my prayers for you is to stay strong n steadfast against your Adversaries .

  6. Orpheus

    Good letter. World has seen on the television news that either the chemical explosion was fake or the reporter who filmed the blast could not film missiles carrying the chemicals landing in the terrorist held area. May be majority of the people in that area don’t like the rebels, who are so powerful that they were able to capture cities fighting against a dictators army. But Cameron or Obama pretend they know the truth. May be they know because they helped the terrorists.Obama should know that this sectarian wars brought more misery to the Syrian people and a war is going to make it verse. This is a war that the American people don’t want but they can’t stop it. Next time if America elects a black president, may he be a descendant of Hon. Martin Luther King or whose great grand fathers shed blood and sweat to build America and not a president with foreign sectarian connections.

    • Arklight

      Welcome, Orpheus. Last night, on the radio, it was reported that the CW release in Ghouta was an accident. The jihadis received a shipment of weapons from KSA that included the CW, but none of the jihadis were told what these weapons were, were not given any sort of safety instructions, or any information at all. While trying to figure out what the weapons were, the gas was released accidently through careless handling. This doesn’t quite square with the reports of 7 ‘rockets’ exploding in the area, but the two events could be coincidental. I’ve not been able to confirm this, but it is plausible, and a possible explanation for other CW events. Obama and Cameron have their orders, so truth is not a relevant factor.

  7. amy bussen

    The opinion I have is each country take care of thier own! The US can not! Whatever each country does they r on thier own! I am tired of USA soliders dying and get no appreciation. We have are own war in america!

    • Arklight

      Amy, in an ideal world each country would mind its own business and take care of its own people. Trouble is we don’t live in an ideal world. I, too, am sick of our military being sent out as megadeath squada, and I despise the people who send them, or cause them to be sent, on whatever excuse, but the base is always money, in some form. It’s also true that the US government is at war with Americans – – Americans who love the country but hate the government. Welcome to the forum.

      • Jimkok

        Hi Arklight, when I was in my twenties American n the British are the people I look upon with utmost respect, n over the last 30yrs now esp. actions displayed by their Goverments with regards to events that happens in the world has certainly change my views towards them with disgust.
        Thank you for your opinion expressed inview of your own goverment, as do many of your countryman. All your voices seem not clear n loud enough, while the goverment is voted in by the people they the goverment strangely or somehow seem to be directed by some Forces behind them.
        Hidden agendas n their Group objectives seem to be the order of the day, hmm are their the people
        behind the OneWorld Order ……….hmm interesting subject ….. Could any reveal more !!

        • Arklight

          Hi, Jimkok, thanks for the kind remarks. To be clear, I love my country but despise the government, like so m any other real Americans. We have no idea, in fact, who the people would have elected, barring universal election fraud by means of the electronic voting machines. The exit polls are diametrically opposed to the ‘vote count’, with the disclaimer that those polled upon exit from voting lied about their vote. Americans want no part of a ‘New World Order’, mere democrats and republicans are hot for it. In point of fact, ‘regime change’ is coming to the US and the government knows it, which is the real reason for government agencies spying on everyone, all the time. I have no direct knowledge of any regime change operations, but it’s one of those things that you can feel, like a bad storm coming, but still over the horizon. If you wish a nation to admire, I’d suggest the Swiss. They are the Republic that the US might have been. Best regards: Live long, and prosper.

  8. Jimkok

    After watching some of the video clips of president obama in the evening news I felt empathetic n even to the extent sympathetic towards him. Mr President you look so very tired out n to me your facial expression during your speech
    seem so eneasy n unsettling that in my view, you are struggling so hard to put fort your belief telling the world to
    help you justify an aggression towards Syria and the Goverment. That is not really you, Mr president, the Forces
    N power that is enforcing upon you to fight this fight contradict your very conscious ion but the enfortunate facts is
    you are their President, placed there for a reason. God bless you Mr President Obama…..God bless you

  9. aj

    Where was America’s love for humanity, when it mercilessly bombed Japanese cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki with Nuclear Weapons? I understand Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and America wanted a revenge. But, they could have done it using Conventional Weapons. They have a debt to pay for all those Japanese lives & Americans are paying it through pains of terror attacks, they face almost every day…

    • Arklight

      Hi, aj. Look. In August of 1945 Americans had never heard of an atomic bomb, and even the people who built the damned thing didn’t know what it would do. Americans were sick of seeing the long, long lists of Army-Navy Dead in the newspapers, and newsreel shots of dead Marines, face down in the surf; most of all, however, they trusted the government to NOT do a WRONG thing. Nobody in the general public knew that the Japanese surrender could not be put off much longer, because of the nation wide famine that was still killing people 6 months after the end of the war. All the Americans had to do was sit off shore and wait, but only our government knew that. I don’t know for certain, but I think that the famine fatalities were four or five times those from the A bombs. We also didn’t know that the Pacific war was carefully crafted in its precursors, leaving the Japanese no option but war. Our government has monstrous crimes to account for, but don’t put the blame on the American people. One good thing did come out of it though, which no one in government realized at the time, was that ‘white rule’ of the entire planet ended when the first Japanese aircraft launched from Akagi on December 7, 1941. At that point, our ‘love for humanity’ extended to almost anyone we weren’t actively fighting; the few Japanese troops who surrendered were soon ‘adopted’ by the Marines, and as soon as the war was over the whole nation of Japan was, essentially, adopted by our military. Unfortunately, we have almost entirely lost that gift of separating the business from the personal, a fatal flaw in the national character fostered in every way possible by our own government Don’t blame me, aj, blame our government and its puppet masters.


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