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Syria: Video shows the most horrible beheading by Islamists

Beheading in Syria

A new video, published on 05/07/2013 at the video platform YouTube, shows certainly one of the most horrible beheading that was carried out by a group of (probably religious fanatic) militants in Syria.

After the video of the beheading of a Catholic priest in Syria by a group of jihadists, this video is even more horrible and even the term “disgusting” does not really describe the scenes one can see in this video at YouTube.

The horrible beheading by a group of Al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Syria is said to have taken place in Jobar, Damascus. Jobar (sometimes Jawbar) is a suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus. It is located about 2 kilometres in the northeast of the old city walls of Damascus and contains, for example, a very interesting ancient (about 2,000 years old) synagogue and shrine in commemoration of the biblical prophet Elijah.

According to the Arabic description of this latest beheading video from Syria, and I have to say that my Arabic isn’t the best, the beheading was carried out by the so-called “Mujahdoa Front” in this suburb (Jobar) of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The description also says that “they thank God” that they have been able to “capture this infidel” (Kafir, unbeliever) and that they have beheaded him in “the name of God, the Merciful”.

According to the religious fanatics, they beheaded this person in Syria because “this infidel” (unbeliever) and victim has previously alleged “raped eight women” but this is certainly just the standard lie to justify their horrible acts for all their “Islamist followers” around the globe.

In addition, if you are really so courageous to watch this horrible video, you will be able to see that even women and children were among the viewers of this beheading by the “Mujahdoa” from Jobar, Damascus.

The first scenes of this horrible video show the already beheaded head of the victim. Later, it is shown how they are cut off the head from the person who is still alive while they behead him.

(Please – this video is neither safe for work nor safe for children, women or people with sensitive souls. This beheading of a guy, carried out by religious fanatics, is very violent and horrible. Only watch it when you are really convinced that you can stand the violence and abnormality in this video. It is sure 21+ and not for people under the age of 18.)

Jobar, this suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, was already in the news yesterday. A unit of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) found chemical materials in Jobar when they have seized a factory that was previously occupied by a group of foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists.

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  1. Ben

    It is disgusting! I am so sick of it! When is the West going to wake up??

    This video should be put on liveleak, because I think it will get deleted soon!!!

  2. Ben

    Oh and the “raping of eight women” is definitely a lie! The victim was probably a Shia or Christian, and that was the only reason plus they are bloodthirsty Monsters!!

    Really, the People of liveleak should see this, I hope someone will upload this!

    • showme

      there is no probably, either you are sure 100% or you are not.. proof needs to be provided for every action and this is no different just because the article says its a lie doesnt make it true either.. gather all the facts before making a judgement call, i thought you guys were the civilized and ‘rational’ ones. anyone can make an accusation

  3. Tamara

    If people honestly think that killing ANYONE in the name of Allah if okay should be put down, honestly this act isnt human, these are ANIMALS. disgusting dirty dogs that kill because they think they are better then Shias Alawaites and Christian. they should all burn in hell.

  4. [email protected]

    Ezek, nem EMBEREK, bármilyen vallást, bármilyen országot is képviseljenek!! Végezni kell velük sürgősen, még az emléküket is meg kell semmisíteni!! Isten emlékezni fog rájuk a büntetés perceiben! Nincs olyan Isten, amelyikhez imádkozhatnának….csak…SÁTÁN!! Akik támogatják őket, USA, EU….azok is a történelem süllyesztőjébe kerülnek, a próféciák szerint…és megérdemeljük a teremtő büntetését!!! Az állat az a magasabb rendű emlős faj!!!


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